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No YouTube TV on Xfinity Flex, But That Could Change


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YouTube TV is not available on Xfinity Flex or X1. Due to this, Comcast’s Flex and X1 users will need to use a different device to access live TV channels included with a YouTube TV subscription, or consider an alternative service altogether. It is worth noting that support for YouTube TV on the Xfinity platform could change in the future.

With more than three million subscribers in the U.S., YouTube TV is a popular option for those looking to access live TV over the internet. One of the advantages of services like YouTube TV is the ability to access a subscription and live TV channels at any time, and on many different devices.

However, this doesn’t automatically mean that all devices and platforms are currently supported. Generally speaking, YouTube TV does come with a fairly wide level of device support, with the option to watch on many smart TVs, streaming players, PCs, laptops, smartphones and more.

No Xfinity YouTube TV support

Xfinity platform users currently cannot access YouTube TV on either Flex or X1 devices. Although both devices are capable of installing third-party apps, YouTube TV remains one that’s unavailable on both.

This should be less of a surprise for X1 users, considering the device is a DVR and receiver specifically designed to provide Comcast cable TV subscribers with access to live TV. However, in spite of the Xfinity X1 being a completely standalone streaming player that’s available to Xfinity internet customers, it suffers from the same lack of access to YouTube TV, albeit for a different reason.

Unlike the Xfinity X1 that’s designed to deliver live TV through Comcast, the Xfinity Flex is able to download and install competing live TV apps. However, according to Comcast, only Sling TV is compatible with the platform. Therefore, the lack of YouTube TV support appears to be more of an issue of the two companies having yet to agree a deal to carry the service on the platform. Due to this, unless signing up to either a Sling Orange or Sling Blue plan, Xfinity Flex users may find it difficult to download and watch live TV through any of the other streaming apps, including YouTube TV.

Xfinity Flex could gain YouTube TV support

While there are no clear indications from Comcast or YouTube TV that support for Xfinity Flex or X1 devices is coming soon, it could be. YouTube TV recently made a move to start bringing its TV and standard YouTube apps closer together.

The move followed a dispute between Roku and Google which left Roku users without an option to download and install the YouTube TV app. In response, Google provided an update to the standard YouTube app which made it possible to access YouTube TV through the standard app. As part of that announcement, Google confirmed it is currently working to offer similar functionality on other devices as well.

Again, while there is no definitive word that Comcast’s devices are included, they could be, considering the standard YouTube app is available on Xfinity Flex devices. If the same support was to become available, then Flex owners would be able to access YouTube TV live channels and content through the standard YouTube app, without having to download an additional app.

YouTube TV on Xfinity Flex summary

YouTube TV is unavailable on Xfinity Flex and Xfinity X1 and there are no firm indications that’s expected to change soon. While less of an issue for X1 users due to the device intended to deliver live TV through Comcast, Xfinity Flex users are likely to find their only third-party live TV streaming option is Sling TV.

With Google recently making it easier for YouTube TV subscribers to access live TV channels through the standard YouTube app on Roku players and smart TVs, it is possible the same level of integration could come to Xfinity Flex in the future as well.

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4 responses to “No YouTube TV on Xfinity Flex, But That Could Change”

  1. It’s Comcast, they don’t want anyone honing in on their turf.

  2. Any Update?

    1. CultofPersonality Avatar

      Right? this stinks…

    2. Get a Chromecast or a Fire stick meanwhile for YoutubeTV if you haven’t already, which is basically what the Flex is. Yes it’s inconvenient to keep flipping between input sources but when in Rome …

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