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How To Update Payment Method On YouTube TV


YouTube TV payment money

YouTube TV subscribers can easily make changes to their subscription including updating their payment method through the account section of the settings menu. Although the payment option can be adjusted on many devices, subscribers will find it is not always possible to make billing changes on all supported platforms and devices.

A YouTube TV subscription costs $64.99 per month, making it one of the more expensive live TV streaming services around. What’s more, that’s just the starting price with the overall cost increasing if additional add-ons or premium features are bundled with the base subscription. Therefore, how much an individual subscriber actually pays will depend on their specific live TV package.

Not only does this mean the cost can vary from subscriber to subscriber, but so does the actual billing date. Each subscriber is billed by YouTube once per month and the date the next payment is taken is dependent on when they first signed up, following any free trial. Regardless of when a payment is due to be taken, it is important to ensure the payment method is up to date to avoid any disruption to the service.

Making YouTube TV payment changes

Updating a YouTube TV payment option is possible through the account section of the settings. The easiest way to access this section is through a web browser on a computer.

Update YouTube TV payment:

  1. Visit the YouTube TV website
  2. Log in, if required
  3. Click on profile picture (top right)
  4. Select Settings
  5. Click on Billing
  6. Click Update next to “Payment Method”

After clicking on update, the user will see more information related to their account, including the current payment method. This section also offers the option to add a new payment solution or change between existing payment options. Once changed, the new payment method will automatically be used to make any and all future payments. Once again, the exact date when the next payment is taken will depend on the individual subscriber’s billing cycle.

It is also worth keeping in mind that a YouTube TV account is not a standalone service. Instead, the account is directly linked to the user’s Google account. Therefore, any and all payment options linked to a Google account are automatically available as YouTube TV payment options as well. The same is also true. By adding a payment option to YouTube TV, the subscriber is effectively adding a payment option to their Google account as well.

Why you can’t update payment method

As is typically the case with streaming services, YouTube TV is available to download and watch on a variety of different devices. However, that does not mean the app is automatically the same on all supported platforms and devices. This also means that a subscriber may find that they cannot make account changes, including updating their payment method, on some platforms and devices.

Generally speaking, if the option to update a payment method is available through an individual YouTube TV app, it can be found in the same location. In other words, by tapping on the profile photo, then on Settings, followed by Billing, and then finally on either Payment Method or Update. After which, the user will be able to check their current billing option and make any necessary changes.

If a subscriber finds that the option to change the payment method is not shown in the app, or the Billing section doesn’t appear at all, then the best option is simply to access the account settings through the web browser version as described in the previous section. Although this may prove more of an inconvenience for some users, updating billing information is not likely to be something that many subscribers will need to do often.

YouTube TV payment changes summary

Changing a YouTube TV payment method is fairly easy to do through the Billing section of the settings. Once in the correct section, the YouTube TV subscriber can view their current billing details, payment due date, and change the payment method by either switching to another already linked billing option or adding a new payment method altogether. Once the change has been made, the new payment option will be used for all future YouTube TV subscription payments.

While the process of actually changing the payment method is easy enough, the option is not automatically available on all devices and platforms. If the ability to make changes is available in a particular app, it will be located in the settings section by clicking on the profile icon. Overall, the easiest and most reliable way to change a payment method is by accessing the account section through the YouTube TV website.

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2 responses to “How To Update Payment Method On YouTube TV”

  1. My husband is in critical condition in the hospital. He is who has always paid this account and has all the information. I need help updating the account and getting the bill paid. Please respond.

    1. Hi Daniel, you would need to reach out to YouTube TV directly to see if they can help.

      For quicker responses, I would suggest logging in to your YouTube TV account via the website, then clicking on your profile picture followed by Help and then Contact us. You should then be able to choose between chatting online or over the telephone.

      Hope this helps.

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