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Does YouTube TV Have TNT?


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YouTube TV does include TNT with its base subscription, allowing subscribers to stream popular shows and events from the channel over the internet. However, it is not the cheapest way to stream TNT. Furthermore, with a lack of TV Everywhere support, the YouTube TV app and website are the only options for watching TNT content as a YouTube TV subscriber.

TNT is part of the Turner family of channels and is owned by WarnerMedia, along with CNN, HLN, and TBS, among others. Many of these channels tend to be served together through a live TV streaming service and YouTube TV is no different, with a number of the WarnerMedia-owned channels available to watch.

A YouTube TV subscription currently costs $65 per month and provides access to a wide selection of news, sports, and entertainment channels, including TNT. As is the case with most live TV services, YouTube TV’s channel lineup does often change with channels added and/or removed. While this potentially means that TNT could be removed from YouTube TV in the future, there are currently no indications that’s likely to happen any time soon.

No TNT TV Everywhere support

TV Everywhere allows individuals and households with an active live TV subscription to watch live TV and on demand content directly through a channel’s app and website. For example, logging in to the TNT website or app using a live TV subscription email address and password. This type of channel support can be particularly useful when an additional stream is needed, or for watching on devices that are currently not supported by the live TV service.

Although TNT is available to stream through YouTube TV, TV Everywhere support is currently not included with the subscription. YouTube TV does provide TV Everywhere support in general, with videos from a variety of channels available to stream directly through their respective websites and apps. However, TNT is currently not one of them.

TV Everywhere support is still a work in progress for many live TV streaming services, and it is routinely expanding to include more channels over time. Therefore, it is possible that TNT TV Everywhere support could be added to YouTube TV at some point in the future. If that does happen, YouTube TV subscribers will gain an additional way to stream the live channel, as well as another option to watch on demand TNT content.

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