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YouTube TV Joins Hulu Live in the 3 Million Subscriber Club


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YouTube TV now has more than three million paid subscribers. While an impressive feat on its own, it’s the rate at which Google’s live TV streaming service is picking up new customers that’s even more important.

Although now an established option, YouTube TV is a newer service compared to other live TV streaming providers. For example, the service first launched in beta form in 2017. Since then, YouTube TV continued to expand to new locations in the U.S., before finally announcing nationwide access in early 2019. All the while, picking up new subscribers along the way.

During Alphabet’s third quarter earnings call today, Alphabet and Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, provided additional updates on the current status of many of the Alphabet and Google businesses, including YouTube TV. As part of that information drop, Pichai explained that YouTube TV has more than three million subscribers.

YouTube TV continues to prove appealing

YouTube TV has not had any issues in attracting new users. Not only has it caught up with the other live TV streaming services, but it has bypassed them all in terms of subscribers, with the exception of Hulu Live TV – which hit the three million milestone early in 2020. Since then, The Walt Disney Company announced its third quarter results in August, confirming 3.4 million Hulu Live TV subscribers.

Looking even closer at YouTube TV’s subscriber growth and it has taken the service less than one year to officially confirm a move from two million to three. YouTube TV was confirmed to have two million subscribers when Alphabet released its fourth quarter (and year-end) results in February of this year. Technically, this was the first time Alphabet and Google publicly announced the number of YouTube TV subscribers, so it is possible the service reached the milestone earlier.

Regardless of when exactly it reached two million subscribers, YouTube TV appears to be continuing with the upwards trend that’s been in effect since the service launched. Not only has YouTube TV managed to establish itself as a major live TV streaming service, but it has done so in spite of encountering a number of price increases over the last couple of years.

Source: Alphabet (YouTube)

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