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YouTube TV Suffers Another Price Increase as Cost Rises to $64.99


YouTube TV

The price of a YouTube TV subscription is increasing to $64.99 per month, marking the single most significant price increase to hit the live tv streaming service since it launched.

YouTube TV is currently one of the most popular streaming services for live TV and one of the reasons for this is the overall value on offer, when you factor in cost and features. However, the price of subscriptions has continually climbed over the years and suddenly the value is getting harder to justify.

In announcing the price increase, YouTube confirmed that the cost of a subscription is rising from $50 per month to $64.99 with the change taking immediate effect. The YouTube TV website has already been updated to reflect the difference and therefore, anyone looking to sign up today will be liable at the newer and higher rate.

For existing YouTube TV subscribers, the increase is not due to kick in until their current billing cycle comes to an end. As a result, some may see the change taking place within days, while others may have up to a month to decide if they are willing to pay $65 per month for the service.

Why YouTube TV has raised the price, again

The logic behind the price increase is fairly straightforward and consistent with why YouTube has raised the price on previous occasions – channels. Earlier in 2020, YouTube confirmed that it had struck a deal with ViacomCBS to bring a wider variety of channels to the service. It is that increased channel lineup that is now impacting on the price with YouTube adding the following channels today:

  • BET
  • CMT
  • Comedy Central
  • MTV
  • Nickelodeon
  • Paramount Network
  • TV Land
  • VH1

While this is not the full list of ViacomCBS channels that YouTube TV previously announced, YouTube states the rest will be added later in the year.

In addition, and unlikely to be directly related to the price increase, YouTube TV does also explain that it is constantly evolving the service with new features and these collectively add to the value of YouTube TV. A value that the service says is now better reflected in the new price.

Although this is unlikely to be good news for existing subscribers, or those that had recently been considering giving the service a try, YouTube did explain that it’s working on “new flexible models” which could be suggesting the live TV streaming service is considering launching additional price tiers to account for different needs and budgets.

Source: YouTube

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