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YouTube TV Subscribers Can Access These Network Apps & Sites


YouTube TV Network apps

YouTube TV subscribers can log in to a variety of network apps and websites using their live TV subscription credentials. These TV Everywhere apps and sites provide subscribers with another way to watch live channels and on-demand content. However, not all network apps can be accessed with a live TV subscription, making it important to know which TV Everywhere apps and websites are available to YouTube TV subscribers.

The use of TV Everywhere apps and sites is free for YouTube TV subscribers, making it a feature worth taking advantage of. In a similar way to how subscribers can log in to the YouTube TV website and watch any of the live TV channels available with a subscription, they can also directly access many of the same channels and on-demand content directly through the various channels’ own apps and websites.

While many streaming services do support TV Everywhere, the number of third-party network apps and sites a user can access varies wildly between live TV services. The good news for YouTube TV subscribers is this is one of the better TV Everywhere-supported options, with an impressive amount of apps and sites available to access for free.

YouTube TV network apps & sites

Although YouTube TV provides subscribers with access to more than 85 live TV channels, the list of TV Everywhere support only extends to 61 channels at the moment.

YouTube TV TV Everywhere list:

ABCFox BusinessNFL Network
AMCFox NewsNFL RedZone
Animal PlanetFreeformOlympic Channel
BBC AmericaFOX Sports LiveOxygen
Big Ten NetworkFXOWN
BravoFXMPop TV
CBS Sports NetworkGolf ChannelShowtime
CNBCHBO MaxSmithsonian Channel
Disney ChannelIDSundanceTV
Disney JuniorIFCSYFY
Disney XDMLB NetworkTLC
E!Motor Trend (web only)Telemundo
EPIXMSNBCTravel Channel
ESPNNat GeoUniversal Kids
ESPN2Nat Geo WildUniverso
ESPNEWSNBA League PassUSA Network
Food NetworkNBC Sports
FOXNCAA March Madness

How to access network app and sites with YouTube TV

The process is very similar to how it works with cable logins and third-party network apps, with the main difference being the use of a live TV streaming subscription instead of a typical cable package. While the exact process might be slightly different depending on the app, the overall instructions are the same. Below is an example of how to log into the ESPN website and app using YouTube TV

Log into ESPN website with YouTube TV subscription:

  • Go to the ESPN Watch website
  • Hover over the profile icon in the top-right corner
  • Tap on “TV Provider”
  • Scroll down the list or use the search box to find YouTube TV
  • Select YouTube TV

Log into ESPN app with YouTube TV subscription:

  • Open the ESPN app on your phone
  • Tap on the settings icon in the top-right corner
  • Tap on “Manage TV Provider”
  • Scroll down the list or use the search box to find YouTube TV
  • Tap on YouTube TV

Regardless of whether accessing through the network website or app, after selecting YouTube TV, the user will be redirected to a Google sign-in page. At which point they will need to log in using the Google account associated with the YouTube TV subscription. Google will then provide a warning that a third-party service – in this case, ESPN – wants to access information about the YouTube TV subscription. If agreed to, Google will authenticate the YouTube TV credentials and redirect back to ESPN.

This is usually a one-time process. Once authenticated, and as long as the app remains installed on the device, each time the subscriber opens the app again, they’ll be able to access the content without having to go through the same process again.

TV Everywhere benefits & limitations

There are many reasons why a YouTube TV subscriber might want to use a TV Everywhere app. However, one of the best reasons is dedicated access to their favorite networks and channels. If the subscriber tends to watch more AMC than Discovery or more Disney Channel than Food Network then they can save having to navigate the entire YouTube TV interface and just watch directly through the network’s dedicated app or website. Other common reasons to use TV Everywhere include:

  • Access to more content than available through YouTube TV
  • Bypass YouTube TV’s simultaneous streams limit
  • Access via a device not currently supported by YouTube TV

The list above is the complete list of every network app or site that can be accessed with a YouTube TV subscription. Therefore, it might include channels that are not currently included with an individual’s package. For example, HBO Max and Showtime. Unless the subscription includes these premium networks, then the user won’t be able to access the network app or site using your YouTube TV credentials, reducing the overall number of TV Everywhere apps they have access to even further.

Another point to note is that sometimes there are additional restrictions in place that might limit certain aspects of the TV Everywhere support. Again, take HBO Max as an example. While YouTube TV allows a single account to be shared with up to five other family members, only the account holder’s sign in credentials can be used to access the HBO Max app or website. In this sense, sharing TV Everywhere support does not work as smoothly as sharing a YouTube TV subscription in general.

YouTube TV TV Everywhere summary

YouTube TV subscribers can access a wide number of network apps and sites using just their live TV credentials. Among other things, this can be a way to increase the amount of content that’s available with a subscription. As using network apps and sites is completely free for YouTube TV subscribers, it is a feature worth taking advantage of.

However, just because a channel is included with a YouTube TV package, that doesn’t mean YouTube TV and the network have agreed TV Everywhere support. The good news is, these supported lists normally improve over time, meaning a channel that’s currently missing TV Everywhere support might gain it in the future.

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Last updated: May, 2021

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