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YouTube TV Subscribers Can Add Multiple Networks for Free, for 30 Days


YouTube TV

YouTube TV is now offering current (and new) subscribers the option to also subscribe to various premium networks for an entire month. This is typically longer than the free trials on offer for these services at other times.

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to ensure people stay home, and with streaming services becoming an even more integral part of people’s lives, there has been moves by many services to provide access to content at a reduced cost, for a longer time, or in some cases, for free. Sling TV even started an entire campaign around the idea of ‘staying home and Slinging.’

It now looks like YouTube TV is expanding on that option by ensuring subscribers can access premium networks for free, for longer. In a Tweet shared earlier today, YouTube TV confirmed AcornTV, CuriosityStream, Showtime, Shudder, Sundance Now, and WatchUMC are all available with a one-month free trial.

Extended access to more channels helps right now

While these are extended free trials, it is important to keep in mind that they automatically renew. As such, it is up to the subscriber to ensure they have cancelled the rolling subscription before the first billing date kicks in, a month later.

In addition, subscribers who have previously subscribed to any of these services through YouTube TV are unlikely to be able to take advantage of the new and longer free trial. Although, some of these services are already available on the same-length free trial terms through other streaming services, as well as direct, and that may be an option for YouTube TV subs who’ve already taken advantage of a specific network’s free trial.

To actually add a premium or additional network to a YouTube TV subscription, open up the app or visit the website and click on the account profile picture. From here, it is a matter of heading to the Settings section, followed by Membership.

At which point YouTube TV will provide the user with a list of available add-ons and note how much they cost once the free trial is over. Checking any of the boxes next to a network or channel followed by “Agree” will add the network to the subscription. This will also make the channel or network immediately available for streaming, along with the rest of the channels on YouTube TV.

Source: @YouTubeTV

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