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How to Download YouTube TV On A Samsung TV (& Supported Models)


YouTube TV and Samsung

YouTube TV is available to download on a Samsung TV. However, whether an individual user will be able to install the app on their specific device will depend on the smart TV model as not all Samsung TVs are compatible. Providing the smart TV is supported, downloading the YouTube TV app works the same as any other Samsung TV app.

YouTube TV continues to be an extremely popular option for streaming live TV over the internet. While it is not the cheapest live TV service around, it does come with enough features and additional benefits that it can be worth paying the higher price for some individuals and households.

Besides the price and the features included with a subscription, another important aspect to take into consideration before signing up to a service like YouTube TV is device support. Generally speaking, YouTube TV’s supported device list includes a varied selection of platforms and devices, including smart TVs. When it comes to Samsung specifically, YouTube TV is available to download on TV models dating back to 2016.

To confirm an individual TV is supported, below are all of the Samsung smart TV models currently compatible with YouTube TV.

40″ KU6300 (UN40KU6300FXZA)43″ KU7500 (UN43KU7500FXZA)55″ MU8000 (UN55MU8000FXZA)55″ Q7F (QN55Q7FAMFXZA)55″ Q7C (QN55Q7CAMFXZA)55″ (UN55LS003AFXZA)
40″ KU7000 (UN40KU7000FXZA)49″ KU6500 (UN49KU6500FXZA)55″ MU9000 (UN55MU9000FXZA)65″ Q7F (QN65Q7FAMFXZA)55″ Q8C (QN55Q8CAMFXZA)
43″ KU6300 (UN43KU6300FXZA)49″ KU7500 (UN49KU7500FXZA)65″ MU9000 (UN65MU9000FXZA)65″ Q9F (QN65Q9FAMFXZA)65″ Q7C (QN65Q7CAMFXZA)
43″ KU7000 (UN43KU7000FXZA)55″ KU6500 (UN55KU6500FXZA)55″ MU8500 (UN55MU8500FXZA)75″ Q7F (QN75Q7FAMFXZA)65″ Q8C (QN65Q8CAMFXZA)
49″ KU7000 (UN49KU7000FXZA)55″ KU7500 (UN55KU7500FXZA)
50″ KU6300 (UN50KU6300FXZA)55″ MU6500 (UN55MU6500FXZA)
55″ KU6290 (UN55KU6290FXZA)55″ MU7500 (UN55MU7500FXZA)
55″ KU6300 (UN55KU6300FXZA)65″ KU6500 (UN65KU6500FXZA)
55″ KU7000 (UN55KU7000FXZA)65″ KU7500 (UN65KU7500FXZA)
55″ MU6300 (UN55MU6300FXZA)65″ MU7500 (UN65MU7500FXZA)
55″ MU7000 (UN55MU7000FXZA)
58″ MU6100 (UN58MU6100FXZA)
60″ KU6300 (UN60KU6300FXZA)
65″ KU6290 (UN65KU6290FXZA)
65″ KU6300 (UN65KU6300FXZA)
65″ KU7000 (UN65KU7000FXZA)
70″ KU6300 (UN70KU6300FXZA)

If a TV is not on the supported list above, that doesn’t automatically mean the app won’t work on the Samsung TV. It just means it is not an officially supported model and that there are no guarantees of performance or stability. It may also mean the app itself is difficult to find and download directly on the TV.

How to find and download YouTube TV

For Samsung TV models that are compatible with YouTube TV, the app can be downloaded directly from the Samsung App store. While some may find the exact instructions vary depending on their model, here’s how to download the YouTube TV app on most Samsung smart TVs.

How to add YouTube TV to Samsung TV:

  1. Press the Home button to access Home screen
  2. Press left on the remote to reach “Apps”
  3. Click on “Apps”
  4. Click on the search icon (top-right)
  5. Search for “YouTube TV”
  6. Click on “YouTube TV”
  7. Click “Install” to download

Once downloaded, the YouTube TV app will be available in the App menu. This is typically found at the bottom of the screen and can be launched by clicking on the Home button on the remote. It is the same row used to access the Apps section when downloading the app. Simply use the remote’s directional pad to navigate through the apps until YouTube TV is reached. Then press the enter button to launch the app.

If the YouTube TV app is not showing on the Home screen menu, the user can navigate back to the “Apps” section in the menu to locate and open the app.

Getting started with YouTube TV

Once the app has been installed and open, consumers will need to sign up to YouTube TV. This can be done directly within the Samsung TV app, on a smartphone or via the YouTube TV website. It is worth noting that a YouTube TV Home area will be created during the signing up process based on the ZIP code associated with the Google account or the location of the device. In turn, this Home area is then used to further customize the experience, such as confirming availability and selection of local channels.

YouTube TV only offers one main plan priced at $64.99 per month, although there are some additional add-ons and upgrades that can be added to the base subscription when signing up. In addition, YouTube TV does offer a free trial to new subscribers allowing them to test out the service before having to make the first monthly payment. However, the exact length can vary, depending on the time of the year and whether any promotions are currently available.

If signing up directly on the Samsung TV, the user will be able to immediately start watching the on demand content and tune in to the live TV channels available through YouTube TV. If signing up on a different device, the user will need to log in on the Samsung smart TV using their YouTube TV account details before being able to watch live TV and on demand videos.

YouTube TV on Samsung TVs summary

YouTube TV is available to download on a Samsung smart TV, but only on models dating back to 2016. The user can download the app directly from the Samsung TV’s app store by navigating to the Apps section of the Home screen and searching for YouTube TV. Once downloaded, the user will need to set up a subscription before they can start watching live TV.

If the user is unable to download the app on their TV, it is likely the TV is an older model than what’s currently supported. If a newer TV and the app cannot be found when searching, then it is also possible that YouTube TV is not supported. In these cases, the user may want to consider using a separate streaming player to watch YouTube TV on their Samsung TV.

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