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YouTube TV: How to Record a Single Sports Game Or Match


YouTube TV sports leagues

YouTube TV offers one of the better cloud DVR experiences and this includes the option to record a single sports game or match. Considering the live TV service does not offer subscribers the option to record a single episode of a show, the ability to record one video outside of single events is currently unique to sports.

YouTube TV now places a much greater emphasis on live sports than it did before. This can be see through the addition of a dedicated Sports Plus add-on or through some of the additional premium features the live TV service now offers, such as the ability to view in-game stats and even watch key plays. This heightened sports focus can also be seen at the DVR level with the ability to record single matches and games.

With YouTube TV providing subscribers with an unlimited space for recordings, sports fans can simply record every match or game for their favorite team. Alternatively, they can also DVR every game during the entire season or league overall. These options make it possible to customize the recording experience in multiple ways, depending on the needs of the subscriber. For example, recording every Manchester City game in the English Premier League this season or all of the NBA Playoff games.

Recording one sports game

Besides the option to record all of the games for a single team, league or season, subscribers can also just record a one-off sports event. Here’s how.

How to record a single sports game or match:

  1. Visit YouTube TV
  2. Sign in if needed
  3. Search for the sports event or team
  4. Click on the Plus (+) sign to add to library
  5. Select the “This event only” option

The same process is also possible through the mobile app, as well as any of the other apps available to download on the various YouTube TV supported devices. As to be expected, the ability to record a single game is only available for the next one that’s due to be shown. For times when a game is scheduled to take place much later, subscribers will need to either wait until closer to the time or record all the games for the team or league and then cancel the recording after the event to stop any future recordings from happening.

Still no manual delete option

Although subscribers can fairly easily record a single game or match, the same limitations that apply to the YouTube TV cloud DVR experience in general also apply to sports. For example, the lack of an option to manually delete recordings, or how the automatic deletion feature means subscribers are unable to keep recordings for as long as they might want to.

Ever since YouTube TV launched, the service has placed a big emphasis on the recording experience. As it is an unlimited cloud DVR, subscribers are encouraged to record as much as they want and as often as they want. While this makes it super easy to record content, it also means YouTube TV has yet to enable a way to delete videos.

Instead, subscribers are simply expected to wait until the video expires and is automatically deleted by YouTube TV. Generally speaking, the length of time it takes for a recording to be removed is nine months. However, with sports, subscribers may find the recordings are deleted sooner than nine month. Either way, subscribers won’t be able to keep their favorite sports games and matches indefinitely.

Record single sports event summary

YouTube TV has evolved over the years into a good option for live sports. This is not only in terms of the selection of channels that show live sports or the dedicated Sports Plus add-on with extra sports channels, but also the features specifically designed with sports in mind.

While the cloud DVR is not specific to sports, the ability to record one game from a league or for a team is, considering there’s no equivalent recording option for single episodes from a show. However, that’s where the difference stops as once the single game or match is recorded, the usual YouTube TV DVR restrictions apply, including how long the recording remains available for and the inability to manually remove the single sports recording from the subscriber’s library.

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