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YouTube TV Wants to Know Your Opinion on Latest Price Increase


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YouTube TV recently increased the subscription price and is now offering subscribers the option to provide feedback on the price rise. While it is unlikely to make much difference in terms of the actual cost of a YouTube TV subscription, it is one way for current subscribers to let the company know how they feel about the increase.

YouTube TV started out as a live TV streaming service with limited availability. Due to this, the price of a subscription was only $35 per month. Around the time the service exited its beta status and became available nationwide, the price increased to $50 per month, following a previous increase from $35 to $40. More recently, YouTube TV implemented its latest price rise taking the cost of the service up to $65 per month.

As to be expected with a $15 price increase, current subscribers have not taken to the change so well. YouTube TV appears to be aware of this, or at least, interested in knowing more, considering the company is now offering subscribers the option to “share feedback about our updated price” through this link. Interestingly, while YouTube TV has continually referred to the change as “updating” the price, the “yttv_price_hike” part of the URL is likely to be a lot more in tune with how subscribers actually view the price increase.

Don’t expect changes from the feedback

While YouTube TV appears to be interested in feedback, subscribers probably should not expect much to change as a result of providing their opinion.

Although the service has almost doubled in price since the early days, that is partly the result of the market increasing prices in general. YouTube TV is not the only live TV streaming service to have raised prices in the last year, with almost every other service having also upped the price in one way or another. For example, almost immediately after YouTube TV announced its price rise, fuboTV followed suit with a price hike of its own.

YouTube TV has argued, as it tends to do when increasing the price, that the cost reflects the value the service offers at the time. Part of that value is YouTube TV typically tries to add channels at the same time as increasing the price. In this sense, it is to be expected that as the service improves and expands its channel lineup, it is unlikely to absorb the additional costs itself, but pass them to subscribers instead.

While the additional channels might not make the price hike any more tolerable from the user perspective, subscribers can let YouTube TV know their thoughts on whether more channels or a lower price is more important through the new feedback form.

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1 response to “YouTube TV Wants to Know Your Opinion on Latest Price Increase”

  1. Issues are:

    Feedback is based on what they want to know versus what they need to hear. Example:

    1. Losing library content!
    2. Channel guide content extends out about 6 to 8 hours. Satellite providers project out 7 DAYS!
    3. The channel directory uses very small icons to ID the channel selected. I have nice size TVs but the channel ID is virtually impossible to read!
    4. The new content with the $15.00 cost increase Wa for channels such as MTV. This isn’t the 1980’s!
    5. Working their system regardless of the task requires multiple steps. Try recording something, a lot of steps involved and hopefully the show is there! But for how long?
    6. Would it help if I deleted shows from my library? However no help provided on how to do this!

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