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You Can Now Download YouTube TV on the Sony PlayStation 4


PlayStation YouTube live TV

YouTube TV is now available to download on the Sony PlayStation 4. This will be good news for those who rely on Sony’s flagship console as their main streaming device. Up until now, the options for streaming live TV through a PlayStation console were limited, and with the upcoming changing to PlayStation Vue they were set to become even more limited.

Previously, Sony has focused its PlayStation consoles on its own live TV streaming service, PlayStation Vue. However, Sony recently confirmed that it was giving up on Vue as the live TV streaming market had become too saturated and difficult to operate within. At the time, the company explained the service would fully close on January 30, 2020 leaving users with a little under three months to get their affairs in order and switch to another service to avoid a live TV streaming interruption.

Today that switching become significantly easier as the YouTube TV app is now available to download on PlayStation 4. There had been reports YouTube TV was in the process of being added to the PlayStation app lineup, although when that was due to happen remained unknown. Either way, the wait is now over with the YouTube TV app live and available to download from the PlayStation Store. YouTube TV’s arrival on the PlayStation 4 makes it the first live TV streaming service app outside PlayStation Vue to hit the console.

YouTube TV a good replacement for PlayStation Vue

Of all the live TV streaming services now available, YouTube TV is likely to be a good replacement for PlayStation Vue subscribers. While they won’t get exactly the same experience, the two services do share a number of features which should make the transition a little easier for existing customers.

YouTube TV currently offers more than 70 channels for $49.99 per month. However, its real selling points are in its additional features. Most notable the number of sub-accounts and cloud DVR. YouTube TV allows one live TV subscription to be shared among six family members. In addition, the service offers an unlimited cloud DVR where recordings are kept for up to nine months. Combining those two features together means each YouTube TV sub-account has access to its own unlimited cloud DVR making the service a great option for families and busier households.

YouTube TV also comes with a seven-day free trial so PlayStation users are able to test out the service before committing.

Source: PlayStation Store

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