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YouTube TV PlayStation 5 App Might Arrive by June [Updated]


YouTube TV PS5

Update May 6, 2021: YouTube TV is now available to download on the PlayStation 5. In line with the expectation that app support would go live by June, Sony’s PS5 game console is now an officially supported device with the option to download the app. End of update.

YouTube TV might be available to download on the Sony PlayStation 5 by June of this year. Although June is later than when PS5 app support was originally expected to arrive, it would still make YouTube TV one of the first live TV streaming services to become available to stream on Sony’s new console.

The PlayStation 5 officially launched in November of 2020 and it was immediately clear that the YouTube TV app was unavailable on the platform. This was also in spite of YouTube TV being one of the few live TV streaming services to offer support for the PlayStation 4.

However, the PS5 situation may be changing soon with the suggestion that YouTube TV support will arrive within the next two months. This comes from a YouTube TV engineer on Reddit who not only recently confirmed PlayStation 5 support was currently being worked on, but that the release of the app is “likely before June.”

Short after the PS5 launch, the suggestion was PlayStation 5 users would gain access to the YouTube TV app in early 2021. For reference, The TeamYouTube Twitter account is still sticking with an “early this year” statement, so the launch may actually be before June rather than in June. Of course, there is always the possibility that further delays could push the release back again.

Late, but still earlier than others

YouTube TV was not the only live TV streaming service to lack PlayStation 5 support at launch. In fact, none of the live TV streaming services were compatible, and that’s a situation that still hasn’t changed much. Hulu Live TV was the first to officially announce support, but the rest of the services, including YouTube TV, have remained relatively quiet on the topic. For a number of the services, it remains unclear if PlayStation 5 support is in the pipeline at all.

While Sling TV and fuboTV currently don’t support PlayStation 5, both services are also unavailable on the PS4 as well. Likewise AT&T TV doesn’t current support either the PS5 or PS4, or Xbox games consoles for that matter. In reality, even if YouTube TV PlayStation 5 support takes until June (or later) to arrive, it is still highly likely to be one of the very few options for watching live TV on the PS5.

Source: Reddit

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