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No YouTube TV App on PS5 But It Is Coming [Updated]


YouTube TV PS5

Update May 6, 2021: YouTube TV is now available to download on the PS5. After months of waiting and what appears to have been a delay in rolling out the support, the YouTube TV app can now be download on Sony’s PlayStation 5. End of update.

YouTube TV is currently unavailable to download on PlayStation 5 consoles, although the app support is due to arrive next year. Until the PS5 YouTube TV app becomes available, subscribers will need to rely on alternative devices to access the live TV streaming service.

The PlayStation 5 launched in the United States on November 12. Prior to the launch, Sony did provide some details on the streaming services that will be available at launch. As part of that announcement, Sony confirmed YouTube is one of the included launch services. However, there was no definitive explanation on whether that was just the standard YouTube app or all YouTube apps, including YouTube TV.

With the PS5 now available, it is clear that the YouTube TV app is unavailable to download on Sony’s next-gen games console, but it is coming. In a Reddit post on the missing app support, a TeamYouTube Community Manager confirmed the app’s absence, adding “it will be available on PS5 early next year.” No further details were provided, so it remains to be seen just how “early” in 2021 the support will arrive.

A repeat of PlayStation 4

While not great news for PlayStation 5 owners, YouTube TV is not the only missing streaming app on PS5. In fact, Hulu Live TV is currently the only live TV streaming service to have confirmed PS5 support. For those upgrading from a PS4, this all might sound a little too familiar, considering live TV choices on the PlayStation 4 were equally limited up until this year.

Prior to 2020, Sony offered its own live TV streaming service in the form of PlayStation Vue. However, that service closed at the start of the year leaving PS4 owners with few options. Shortly after PlayStation Vue shut down, YouTube TV launched on the platform and roughly two months later, Hulu Live TV gained its PlayStation support.

The previous experience of waiting for YouTube TV on the PlayStation 4 is unlikely to make the lack of PS5 support over the coming months any easier to digest. However, it does seem as though PS5 owners won’t have to wait quite as long this time to stream Google’s live TV service.

Source: Reddit

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