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YouTube TV On iPhone & iPad Gains Picture-in-Picture Support


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YouTube TV picture-in-picture support is now in the process of rolling out to all iPhone and iPad models running iOS 15. This is a highly useful feature for iOS device users and one that Android users have been enjoying for some time. Once available, the iPhone or iPad user will be able to watch YouTube TV while using their device for other purposes.

YouTube TV comes with many premium features. Although these additional features are unlikely to justify the cost of a subscription on their own, they do enrich the experience in general. However, like many other live TV services, YouTube TV is still missing some features. In some cases, features are available on one platform but not on others, as was previously the case with picture-in-picture.

While picture-in-picture has technically been available to select iOS users for some time now, YouTube TV today sent out a Tweet confirming that support for the feature is now rolling out widely. In other words, all iPhone and iPad users will start to see the option appear in the app within the coming days. The only caveat here is that the iPhone or iPad needs to be running on iOS 15. In addition to confirming the rollout, YouTube TV apologized for the delay in making picture-in-picture available to all users.

As YouTube TV explains, once the feature does show up on an individual iPhone or iPad, the user will be able to simply start playing a video in the YouTube TV app and then swipe up from the bottom. This will then result in the device returning to the Home screen but with the YouTube TV video still playing over the top. The video will shrink down to a smaller window which can be moved or changed in size, if needed. Once in this mode, it is possible to use the iPhone or iPad for other purposes while continuing to watch a YouTube TV video at the same time.

Although YouTube TV has confirmed that the feature is now widely available, it is likely to be rolling out on a gradual basis. This might mean that some YouTube TV subscribers will have to wait a little longer until it is actually available on their individual iPhone or iPad.

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