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YouTube TV ‘No Internet Connection’ Error & Fixes Worth Trying


YouTube TV Error

YouTube TV subscribers may occasionally encounter a ‘no internet connection’ error message that interrupts the streaming experience. There can be a number of reasons for the error message and this also means it can be difficult to narrow down the right solution. However, there are some general checks that are worth performing to see if they fix the problem.

Generally speaking, YouTube TV offers a fairly reliable user experience and that’s whether streaming on-demand content or watching any of the live TV channels. Of course, issues can and do happen. In particular, the ‘no internet connection’ error message can be concerning considering it tends to stop subscribers from being able to watch YouTube TV.

The ‘no internet connection’ warning is simple letting the viewer know there is something wrong with the signal either being sent or received, and figuring out which one can go a long way to fixing the problem. One of the first things to check is whether the issue affects all of YouTube TV. For example, if encountering the message while attempting to watch live TV then check on-demand episodes in the YouTube TV library to see if they are also affected. Likewise, if trying to watch an on-demand episode or movie, check the live TV channels.

If this check reveals that the issue is not affecting all of YouTube TV, the problem is likely to be with YouTube TV itself. There is not a lot a user can really do in these situations other than wait for YouTube TV to fix the issue. That said, it can be worth exiting the app (closing it completely) and re-launching it again to see if that solves the problem. If not, expect YouTube TV to fix the problem within the next few hours.

If all of YouTube TV is affected

If it becomes clear that live TV channels and on-demand videos are both affected by the ‘no internet connection’ issue, the problem may not be with YouTube TV. In this situation, the next thing to check is whether others apps are working normally. Whether it is Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, or any other service, open the app and try to play a video. If another app works, the user can rule out any issues with their actual internet. In these cases, it may be worth closing the app, clearing the cache, and then relaunching the app again – if that hasn’t been done already. Alternatively, checking to see if there are any updates available for the YouTube TV app might help, as applying a new update can often fix an issue like this.

If other apps are not working either, then restarting the device might help to fix the issue. If not, double-check the device’s settings to make sure it is connecting to the internet to begin with. If the problem still persists, it is worth checking another device, or the YouTube TV website, to confirm the issue is with the internet. The list of supported devices is fairly long, so subscribers should be able to find an additional device that’s compatible with the service to check. If YouTube TV works normally on another device, the issue is likely to be with the original device or the app installed on that device. Users can rule out whether it is the app by uninstalling it and reinstalling a fresh version.

Of course, if the ‘no internet connection’ error message also shows on other devices, and other apps are not working as well, the problem seems likely to be the internet connection. As is usually the case with this type of situation, the user will want to check their router to make sure it is connected to the internet and working normally.

YouTube TV no internet connection summary

YouTube TV subscribers will sometimes see a ‘no internet connection’ message when using YouTube TV and this can occur when watching live TV, on-demand episodes or recordings in the library. Regardless of the content that’s affected, if the problem is with the service, subscribers will simply need to wait until the problem has been fixed on YouTube TV’s end. This typically happens within a couple of hours.

For some, the issue might not be with YouTube TV at all. This can usually be determined by checking another app on the same device, or checking YouTube TV on other devices. If the user finds that a similar problem affects other apps and/or devices then it is highly likely that there is an issue with the user’s setup, whether that’s the actual device or the internet network.

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