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YouTube TV Loses Newsy as Network Switches to Free-to-Air


YouTube TV Newsy

YouTube TV subscribers have lost access to Newsy as the network continues its focus on switching to a free-to-air model. While it is not uncommon for live TV streaming services to lose access to a channel, this is unlike other instances as there is no dispute or any other problem prohibiting access. Although this means that YouTube TV subscribers should not expect to get Newsy back in the future, there are other ways to watch the news-based network.

Two constants in the streaming space over the last few years have been the prices are rising and channel lineups are constantly changing. YouTube TV itself has gone through a number of price increases taking the cost up from $35 per month to its current $65 per month. Over the same period, the channel lineup has also changed quite a lot with some channels added and others removed. Most of the time, dropped channels are due to a carriage dispute or general cost issues.

YouTube TV has sent out emails to subscribers today to confirm the removal of Newsy, as of June 30. The emails make clear that this is not a result of an issue, but of Newsy having “changed its distribution model.” Which is actually the case and part of a much wider change that effectively sees Newsy being removed and/or inaccessible through any of the major live TV streaming services.

Back in April, E. W. Scripps Company, the company that owns Newsy, confirmed the network was moving to a free, over-the-air model. The announcement explained how the move is designed to make the network even more accessible, whether accessing live TV via an antenna or a streaming player. The launch as an over-the-air station is due to happen on October 1, 2021.

Options for streaming Newsy

Although Newsy is in the process of being removed from all live TV streaming services, that’s not to say the network cannot be accessed on a streaming player or smart TV with app support. In addition to being accessible over the air, Newsy has its own app that can be directly downloaded on most major operating systems.

For example, a dedicated Newsy app is available to download on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku and Android TV. In fact, it can also be downloaded on iPhone and iPad, as well as most Android mobile devices and features Chromecast support, allowing users to stream from their smartphone to a Cast-enabled smart TV or device.

While it is unfortunate when any live TV streaming service loses access to a channel, this occasion is slightly different, considering the end goal is to make the Newsy network more widely available, and for free.

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