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YouTube TV Now Has 6 More Add-Ons To Choose From


YouTube TV premium networks addons

YouTube TV has added six new add-ons for subscribers to choose from, including Tastemade+, MovieSphere, and Here TV. The exact price of each add-on varies, although all of them come with a 7-day free trial. As a result, it is possible to test one (or all) of them out before actually committing to the additional monthly subscription cost.

In ascending price order, the six new YouTube TV add-ons are:

YouTube TV already offered plenty of channels and services that can be added to either the Spanish plan or the standard base plan. In fact, it also offers a number of networks and services that can be subscribed to without a base plan. Having access to these additional channels on an an la carte basis is a good way to ensure that those homes that want more channels, and are willing to pay more for them, have the option to add them.

While it is currently unclear when the new add-ons first became available, as features often go live before the live TV service announces them, YouTube TV confirmed today that they are new and now available. As per usual, subscribers can add any of the new ones by heading over to the YouTube TV website, clicking on their profile photo in the top-right corner and then on Membership under Settings.

Depending on the device, it may also be possible to add them through the app by clicking/tapping on the Store icon (next to the subscriber’s profile photo) and then selecting the service they want to add.

For those currently thinking about giving YouTube TV a try for the first time, it is also possible to add any of the new or existing addons when signing up. The option to customize the plan in this way is shown after signing in with a Google account and confirming the base plan.

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