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YouTube TV Finally Adds Missing ViacomCBS Channels


YouTube TV ViacomCBS

YouTube TV has finally added the missing ViacomCBS channels. The live TV streaming service originally struck a deal with ViacomCBS in early 2020 to expand on their original agreement by providing subscribers with access to even more channels. However, some of those channels have taken their time in arriving.

Back in May of 2020 YouTube TV confirmed its latest expanded deal with ViacomCBS. At the time, the announcement explained the YouTube TV channel lineup was expanding through the addition of fourteen ViacomCBS channels. However, none of the channels arrived at the time of the original announcement. Furthermore, they were not all due to arrive at the same time either.

Following the addition of the first eight in 2020, YouTube TV has now confirmed subscribers have access to the additional six channels. In fact, seven new channels were added in total, with Dabl completing the list. While Dabl is also owned by ViacomCBS, it was not mentioned in the original expanded deal announcement last year.

With the new channels already having been added, YouTube TV subscribers have now gained access to BET Her, Dabl, MTV2, MTV Classic, Nick Jr., NickToons and Teennick. Subscribers should already see them available in the live TV guide the next time they open YouTube TV.

More channels is always good news

Although the addition of more channels is always good news for subscribers, YouTube TV customers have had to wait for these ones to arrive. Not to mention the service has gone up in price since then. Barely a month after the original expanded deal announcement came through, YouTube TV encountered a $15 price increase, taking the total cost of a subscription up to its current $65 per month.

Generally speaking, YouTube TV does appear to have a habit of accompanying new channels with a price hike. An approach which does ensure that even though the cost continually goes up, the service continues to offer value overall. However, as this deal was announced prior to the previous price increase, it is unlikely the new channel additions will result in yet another price hike soon. On this occasion, they are simply additional YouTube TV channels with no major catch.

Source: YouTube TV (Twitter)

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  1. I’m not sure “finally” is the right word since no one is clamoring for these channels.

    And more channels isn’t definitely not always a good thing. More channels equals higher price.

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