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YouTube TV Live Guide Not Working Properly For Some Subscribers


YouTube TV live guide

Some YouTube TV users appear to be encountering an issue where the live TV guide has reset. Although not necessarily a problem in itself, the reset does seem to be mostly affecting those that have made changes by setting up a custom guide, effectively resetting the guide back to the default order. The problem does not seem to be affecting all users, although it does appears to be affected multiple platforms and devices, and there are reports of other strange ‘not working’ live guide issues as well.

YouTube TV continues to be a popular option for many looking to stream live TV channels over the internet. One of the reasons for YouTube TV’s popularity is the range of features that are on offer. For example, subscribers can customize the live TV guide by prioritizing the channels they watch the most by moving them higher up the list. Alternatively, moving the channels they watch the least down the list, or even removing them from view altogether.

Today it appears the guide was reset by YouTube TV. As mentioned, this is a problem for those that had already set up a custom guide as the reset reverts the order back to the original, including re-adding any channels that might have been previously removed. What’s more, although the user can rearrange the order to create a custom guide once again, the manual changes are not being saved. However, there are other users reporting other non-order related issues. For example, shows being named differently or listings showing for other countries instead of the U.S.

While issues like this sometimes affect certain platforms, that does not appear to be the case here. Instead, user reports suggest the issue is present on many of the supported YouTube TV platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Roku, and also when accessing the live TV guide through the web browser version.

YouTube TV has not specifically confirmed the existence of the issue and so there is currently no information on what’s causing the problem or when it is likely to be fixed. In response to one complaint on Twitter, the TeamYouTube account does suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the YouTube TV app. For subscribers finding this issue only affects one of their devices, then the fresh app install might be worth trying. Of course, if subscribers are finding this guide problem is present across different platforms and devices, then uninstalling and reinstalling one of the apps is unlikely to help much.

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19 responses to “YouTube TV Live Guide Not Working Properly For Some Subscribers”

  1. Just an FYI – I don’t know if my fix will stick or not but I just made a small change to my live guide on my computer and after that, my guide on the tv went back to my customization.

    1. What change did you make?

  2. Apparently the Customizing the Live Guide issue has been around for over a year. So YoutubeTv either has not been addressing this issue or is unable to come up with a resolution. Sad.

  3. My be live TV guide is off on time. This is very aggravating. Have check time settings but guide doesn’t move forward.

  4. My live TV guide starts at 12am on all channels and does move forward to the time it is for each program, like 5:00 for current basketball game, and show it should be on 8 or so can have it recorded but should actually be on. This has gone on 2 days or so. Please correct this issue it makes it very difficult to watch live tv.

  5. Well, sigh! I have 2 televisions, one tv streams through Fire Stick and the other streams through my Samsung TV. When I turn on either TV times are always off. The guide can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours off. Tonight, the guide is 2 hours ahead. At 7 pm, I wanted to see something specific. Since the guide is starting at 9 pm, I can’t even get to what I want to see! This is so frustrating and is so consistent I’ve started looking at other services. And yes, I have checked my location settings and they are correct.

  6. Same horrid live menu errors, time is about 9 hours off. Clown show of a service

  7. I am so sick of trying to fix my live guide. I had all of the channels I n the order I wanted them until last week. They do not respond to my emails but will take my money
    every month.

  8. I have been trying all afternoon to get the live guide straightened out, and nothing works. This is very frustrating since there is 10,000 networks I don’t want listed. It takes forever to scan through them all.

  9. I’m in Philly & on both my Firestick 4k’s when I change the channel with the Alexa button & go back to the Tv Guide I’m not looking at the same channel. YouTube Tv need to fix this quickly, Hulu Live Tv has the Tv Guide working fine no matter how I change the channel when I return to the Tv Guide the channel I’m watching is in always in view.

    1.  Avatar

      I’m having same problem

  10. Today I have Denver Colorado and 2 hours behind on all channels. They had better fix this mess or I will be looking elsewhere . Lack of communication is a big problem with You-Tube.

  11. I’m having a recurring issue with my channel guide. Today (Friday) I turn on TV, go to the channel guide. Actual time is 5 pm. Channel guide shows 2 pm on SATURDAY. Only way to get to a channel is to go through Home screen and the ‘Recently Viewed’ icon. If I haven’t watched anything recently on a particular channel and I want to go to that channel—too bad, so sad. I have tried resetting my location, uninstalling and reinstalling, going in and out of You Tube TV and in and out of the channel guide. This is a recurring problem that I’m getting so tired of. For what I’m paying for internet (70) and you tube TV (75) I could go back to cable. At least I could talk to someone if problems like this crop up!! With YTTV, all you can do is try to locate a place to complain! Does anyone even get a response?!

    1. I am having this same issue without any luck. Has anyone else figured this out who could give me some idea of what to do? Thank you for your help.

  12. I’m not sure what is happening…turned on my tv today and everything is messed up…I actually thought my niece did it while she was visiting. My normal “live” guide is gone and only shows Sundance TV and IMDB. I have to go into one of those shows then back out to actually see my youtube tv channels….wth? Why?

  13. The time on my Youtube TV apps (both Roku and Firestick) are three hours behind. The devices do se the correct time, it’s just the Youtube TV app that is 3 hours behind. The time and time zones are set correctly. WTF???

  14. Using a free trial to see if we want to use this service but having problems already. Will continue to look for a new service.

  15. I just switched from dish network to YouTube live TV and already having issues……cmon people stop screwing everybody……can’t even see the guide… damn aggravating

  16. Reinstalling, setting back to default menu, making a change to the live menu, and saving, etc. Nothing fixed the menu interactive bugs that YouTube tv has caused. It causes so many nt bite problems that I am looking elsewhere for a service. Sadly YouTube tv seems to have the best programming.

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