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YouTube TV Confirms No Option to Disable Annoying Intro Audio


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YouTube TV has confirmed there is currently no option to disable or turn off the intro sound that’s now in effect on select devices when starting up the app. While it remains to be seen how many platforms the splash screen audio affects, the list does appear to be steadily growing.

Reminiscent of Netflix’s “ta-dum” app launch sound, when subscribers open certain YouTube TV platform apps they are now presented with an audible ‘welcome message’ along with the logo. However, following the launch of the feature, many have taken to social media and forums to note how annoying it is and asking for a way to remove it.

Unfortunately, YouTube TV has confirmed there is currently no option available to disable the sound. The confirmation came via the official TeamYouTube Twitter account, and in response to a question on whether the “unnecessary and loud” app sound can be turned off.

The reply made it clear that the only available option to subscribers is to use this form to register their suggestion through the ‘Send feedback’ section of the YouTube help support website. Of course, whether that will actually result in YouTube TV removing the intro audio, or providing an option to disable or lower the volume, remains to be seen.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you might soon

For those yet to encounter the YouTube TV intro sound, that might only be a temporary situation. It remains unclear when exactly the feature went live, but it appears to have been slowly rolling out to devices over the last month. It is currently in use on select Roku players and devices, as well as Android TV’s Nvidia Shield TV.

There have also been reports of the splash screen audio having made its way to Samsung and LG smart TVs in recent weeks, though this may vary by model. Regardless, it is likely more YouTube TV subscribers will be exposed to the new audio welcome as and when it rolls out, as part of a scheduled future app update.

Not everyone is going to automatically dislike the new audio intro and especially as YouTube TV is not the only streaming service to use sound as a branding method. However, for those that do find it an issue, the options right now are pretty much limited to using a different device, temporarily muting the TV when launching the app, or registering feedback with YouTube TV.

Source: TeamYouTube (Twitter)

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23 responses to “YouTube TV Confirms No Option to Disable Annoying Intro Audio”

  1. I really hate the startup sound!!! There should be an option to silence it.

  2. I love the service, hate the sound.

  3. Google, don’t lie to us and say you can’t fix it. You put it there, change it. Your blowing our speakers out.

  4. Very annoying

  5. I wonder when the first case of a heart attack death case against YT, will make them realise how ridiculous this start up noise is. Not nice for pets either, the pimple face student who came up with the idea needs to be sacked.

  6. Annoyed every time I hear it. WHO thought this was a good idea? Please remove it pronto.

  7. Deaf to YouTube Intro Avatar
    Deaf to YouTube Intro

    Either allow mute or DROP YouTube startup audio blast. This is so load it wakes up family. members. VERY INVASIVE! My wife says “cancel YouTube Premium if you can’t keep it quiet……….” Guess who wins this discussion. it will certainly NOT be Youtube!!

  8. Please remove that annoying start up noise, I hate it.

  9. Had complaints from my neighbour due to the startup sound being so loud it woke them up. My volume was set at a normal listening volume but the bass is so deep and the startup sound so loud that they thought a bomb had gone off.

  10. Worst intro sound ever.

  11. awful noise, too loud, wakes the house and scares the dog.

  12. The sound is like a jump scare sound a person would experience at a Halloween event, and it [removed] me off.

  13. How in the world has this annoying bug remained for so long. Makes me think twice every time before launching the app. Enough already. Just be honorable enough to admit your mistake and fix it.

  14. I am definitely leaving for Fubo Tv , that audio is driving me nuts .

  15. This will make me return to Fubo when my trial is over

  16. Please get rid of this annoying startup sound!

  17. In the middle of a YT TV trial and that startup audio for the YT TV app on my Samsung TV is so unnerving. If it wasn’t so loud it wouldn’t be that bad… but it is so much louder than everything else in the app. Please get rid of it!

  18. startup audio makes me think about canceling service.

  19. Please eliminate the annoying startup audio.

  20. I may switch to FUBU just to get away from this noise. Not sure what genius thought that was a good idea.

  21. Very annoying. Please remove that audio

  22. I feel there should be an option to turn off the sound upon startup it’s extremely annoying and it comes on louder then any of the shows that you may be playing please rethink this an offer a way to turn it off

    1. Spot on…

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