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YouTube TV Now Bundles HBO Max, Showtime & Starz for $29.99


YouTube TV Hbo Max, Showtime Starz

YouTube TV is now offering a new ‘Entertainment Plus’ bundle that brings together HBO Max, Showtime and Starz subscriptions at a discounted rate. Following the confirmation of a new unlimited streams add-on that’s coming, this is the latest change to YouTube TV and one that offer subscribers a way to save on additional premium subscriptions.

Although YouTube TV initially launched at just $34.99, the price of the live TV subscription has increased to $64.99 per month over the years. At almost twice the original cost, YouTube TV is not the cheapest live TV streaming service around. However, the service does offer a number of features that add value, and now the option to save when bundling subscriptions.

YouTube TV has confirmed the launch of a new Entertainment Plus add-on. Priced at $29.99, the add-on provides access to HBO Max, Showtime and Starz. Besides the ability to manage multiple subscriptions, including the actual live TV service, through one main plan, the Entertainment Plus package results in an additional monthly saving as well.

If opting in to subscribe to each of the services separately then HBO Max costs $15 per month, Showtime $11 and Starz $9. All in, this would result in a combined total of $35 per month. However, by option for Entertainment Plus, the subscriber will be saving $5 each month on the overall cost.

Worth it, but only if you need them all

The new Entertainment Plus bundle is going to be worth it if a subscriber needs access to all of these services, but that’s a big if. When adding Entertainment Plus to an existing YouTube TV subscription, the total price comes in at around $95 per month. If a subscriber already does, or plans to, access all of these subscriptions on a regular basis, then the additional $5 savings each month is there.

If they are not going to watch all of the services and regularly enough, then subscribers may find they are better off skipping this package. If they only want access to HBO Max or either of the other subscriptions then it makes far more sense to subscribe to just the one or two subscriptions they want, either through YouTube TV or directly through the premium service(s).

While combining subscriptions does offer benefits, it also comes with its own issues. For example, if a subscriber finds that they don’t enjoy one of the services as much as they thought they would, with Entertainment Plus they won’t have the option to remove the one subscription from their YouTube TV package. Instead, they will need to remove the entire Entertainment Plus add-on and lose access to all of the subscriptions in the process.

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