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YouTube TV: How to Fix ‘Can’t Sign in to HBO Max’ App Issue


HBO Max YouTube TV

A number of reports have surfaced recently of an issue where YouTube TV subscribers find they cannot log in to HBO Max using their YouTube TV credentials. Those facing the issue typically encounter a message saying that their subscription has expired, even though it hasn’t. However, there is a fairly simple fix for the problem.

YouTube TV was quick to confirm its support for HBO Max with the option to integrate the two subscriptions going live on the day HBO Max launched in the U.S. In fact, the live TV streaming service originally confirmed it would provide subscribers with the option to bundle HBO Max and YouTube TV months before HBO Max arrived.

As a result, there is likely to be a number of YouTube TV subscribers who have opted to combine the subscriptions. Besides the benefit of only having to pay the one bill each month, there can be additional reasons to subscribe to HBO Max through YouTube TV, even though it costs exactly the same as subscribing directly. For example, while HBO Max no longer offers a free trial, YouTube TV subscribers can sign up for seven days for free.

HBO Max sign in issue and fix

In terms of the issue, some YouTube TV subscribers are finding that when they attempt to sign in to the HBO Max app on any of their devices, they can’t. Instead, they are presented with a message that states the HBO Max subscription through YouTube TV has expired.

To be clear, these same users are able to watch HBO channels through YouTube TV, it is just they are unable to authenticate their subscription and access the separate HBO Max app.

The fix for the issue is fairly simple as it just requires the user to sign out of the HBO Max app completely and then sign back in again. The fresh sign in will re-establish the authentication and allow the app to be used as normal.

The same signing out and in again will also fix an issue where a subscriber encounters a ‘can’t verify your subscription message’ when signed in but unable to play a show episode or movie.

How to sign out of HBO Max

The instructions for signing out of the app on most HBO Max devices are the same, although there are some minor differences depending on whether accessing through a mobile device, TV or a web browser.

To sign out of HBO Max on phone or tablet:

  1. Tap the Profile icon (bottom right)
  2. Tap on the Settings icon (upper left)
  3. Scroll to the bottom
  4. Tap on Sign Out

To sign out of HBO Max on TV:

  1. Click left to access the main menu
  2. Click on the Profile icon (upper left)
  3. Scroll all the way right
  4. Click Sign Out
  5. Click Sign Out Now

To sign out of HBO Max on a computer:

  1. Visit the HBO Max website
  2. Click on the profile icon (upper right)
  3. Click Sign Out (at the bottom)

While it seems the simple process of signing out and back in again is enough to fix the issue, it remains to be seen what exactly is causing the problem in the first place.

For any users that are still having trouble after signing out and back in again, it might be worth repeating the steps after clearing the app’s cache and data on the device. If the problem still persists, then an uninstall and reinstall of the app before signing back in again should fix the problem.

HBO Max sign in summary

YouTube TV subscribers unable to sign in to HBO Max can quickly and easily fix the problem by signing out of the app completely and then back in again. In some cases, clearing the cache and data might be needed, while in others it might require an uninstall and reinstall of the HBO Max app.

This is a known issue and one that’s been experienced by other YouTube TV subscribers, so this is not a problem that’s specific to an individual account, location, or even device. It may also not be an issue specific to YouTube TV either.

Although it is annoying to have to go through these steps, and especially if it takes a complete reinstall to get things working again, it should at least fix the problem and allow the YouTube TV subscriber to get back to streaming HBO Max movies and shows.

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17 responses to “YouTube TV: How to Fix ‘Can’t Sign in to HBO Max’ App Issue”

  1. Dos Cerveza Avatar
    Dos Cerveza

    You say to go to HBO MAX and sign out but you can’t sign out of something your not signed into.

  2. I can’t believe tech giant like Google can’t fix this annoyance for their customers. Logging out and in is just a hassle and seems like something they should fix.

  3. This is an issue that is recurring for me every several days. It’s extremely frustrating. As I understand it from other sources, it has something to do with the third-party service (Synacor) that HBOMax apparently uses to verify subscriptions. It’s absurd that in the year or more that this issue has been occurring, they have not put a fix in place.

  4. I am now having to Sign Out/Reauthenticate/Sign In to HBOMax WEEKLY on my Rokus. It is clear that Roku is using this nuisance as a lever to encourage us to buy HBOMax from Roku instead of through YouTube TV. And it is about to work on me…

  5. It sort of works. I just have to do this once a month; extremely annoying!

  6. I have done all the steps listed in the article. I complete all steps on my phone and my phone stops when I have to choose verify email or create a new account. I’ve done this step 3 times, I’ve turned my phone on & off. I can’t delete the HBO MAX aap from my tv because it was pre loaded from factory . I’ve been working on this for days, hours at a time. I have to stop when I have a splitting headache. I give up. I guess I have to cancel HBO.

    1. Still after 2 years having the same problems!!! This is ridiculous!! Maybe if enough of us cancel there subscription they, will finally do something about this!!!

  7. I am dealing with the same issue. HBO blames youtube tv. Youtube tv blames HBO. Neither will make any attempts to correct the problem. This is after dozens of contacts with both providers. They do however not miss a beat on making sure I am billed for the service even though they are both aware it is not working

    1. On the HBOMAX site I went to support and it literally kicked me over to YouTubeTV support. Went through a Myriad of “solutions” none of which worked. Dead in the water at this point.
      Sign out and back in
      reboot FireTV
      unplug TV for 30 seconds
      delete HBOMAX app
      Re-download HBOMAX app
      Sign in and enter the code for a new sign in
      restore subscription
      I’m sure other things I just don’t recall at this point. So frustrating especially since I’ve already paid for it.

  8. This did not work on firestick , my mom has hbo max through YouTube tv and since they integrated the hbo max, I can no longer sign in on the max app which I use to do for her all the time. Which is where the content she wants to watch is. You e only offering the hbo original content in there integrated version. That’s not integration if you cutting stuff out

    1. Every month I have to reauthenticate my HBO Max Android App so family can access their profiles. I used a separate email and password. Would not allow me to do that this time. It forced me to use my YTTV account. Fortunately it did allow me to use a different password.

    2. This is what my mom is complaining about to. It’s more half integrated. I told her is she wants to cancel from YouTube tv and just pay for the hbo ma but then she can’t easily watch the hbo channels through YouTube. She already get confused on what show to watch on what app lol and calls me all the time for that lol

  9. been thru this numerous times with hbo max and they seem to know how to fix it but they blame youtubetv ,and sime im having no problems with starz, and this happens on both my rokus and firesticks ,it seems to hbos issue ,and they dont want to own up to it

    1. I have HBO Max bundled through YouTube TV. Every month I have to go through the same process to reauthenticate my YouTube account to my HBO Max Android App to enable the Roku TV HBO Max app to allow me to login. This is super annoying and clearly a YouTube TV issue.

      1. I have the same problem, but more often than every month.

  10. This didn’t work on the tv or phone. HBOMax was requiring an account to be created. YouTubeTVs response was to contact HBOMax. I requested to be refunded.

  11. Does not work. Will not authenticate through Google account.

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