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YouTube TV Confirms G4 TV Will Disappear On November 9th


G4 on YouTube TV

YouTube TV has now confirmed that G4 TV will stop broadcasting, and be removed from the channel lineup on November 9th, 2022. This is unlikely to come as too much of a surprise to fans of the channel considering Comcast had already confirmed the end of G4. Still, YouTube TV subscribers are now losing access to a channel later this week.

It is not unusual for live TV services like YouTube TV to make adjustments to their channel lineup either by adding new ones or removing others. When it comes to the removals, these are usually the result of some sort of issue, with carriage disputes often the most common. Of course, there are just times when a channel ceases to be.

That’s exactly the case now with G4 TV. Even though the channel only launched in November of last year, and was only added to YouTube TV in April of this year, Comcast decided to close it down again. The news was confirmed in late October when official G4 social media accounts linked out to a blog post explaining the decision. Today, YouTube TV has started sending out emails to subscribers to confirm that the channel is in the process of being removed from its lineup. According to YouTube TV, the G4 TV channel will no longer be available starting from Nov. 9. 2022.

The email does explain that this is a change that affects all providers, so it won’t just be YouTube TV subscribers that see G4 disappear in the coming days. For those that hadn’t been aware G4 TV was available with their subscription, the change probably won’t matter all that much. For those that had watched or recorded the channel in the past, it is worth noting that all library recordings will automatically be deleted once G4 TV is removed from YouTube TV.

In the meantime, and whether a previous watcher of the channel or not, G4 TV is there for those that want to watch the channel during its last few hours.

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