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YouTube TV Offering Free HBO for 5 Days, But Not Max Exclusives


HBO Max YouTube TV

All YouTube TV subscribers can currently watch HBO shows and movies for free for the next five days. The promotion can be a great way to test out HBO Max to see if it is worth paying for, or more simply as a way to catch up on some of the new HBO shows and movies. However, not all of the content available through HBO Max is available with YouTube TV’s free preview.

A YouTube TV subscription currently costs $64.99 per month while a standard HBO Max subscription costs $14.99 for the ad-free version or $9.99 per month with ads. YouTube TV subscribers can also bundle the ad-free HBO Max with their live TV subscription. Although this won’t reduce the cost of the additional subscription, YouTube TV subscribers can try HBO Max for seven days without having to pay. For reference, HBO Max no longer offers a free trial to those signing up for the first time.

For the next five days, however, YouTube TV subscribers won’t even need to sign up to HBO Max to stream shows and movies. The live TV service has confirmed it is now providing subscribers with a free HBO Max preview. The free period started today (June 17) and will remain available through June 21, resulting in five full days of free HBO.

As this is a free preview, there should be very little for the subscriber to do, other than tune in and start watching. Furthermore, the preview won’t affect the seven-day free trial YouTube TV offers, for those opt to continue with HBO Max and add it to their live TV package. In principle, YouTube TV subscribers could combine the preview and the free trial to take advantage of up to twelve days of free HBO.

HBO Max, but not exclusives

It is worth noting that, although YouTube TV is advertising this as an ‘HBO Max’ preview, it is more of an HBO preview. For example, YouTube TV does not provide direct access to all of the content that’s available through HBO Max. Instead, those who normally subscribe to HBO Max through YouTube TV need to make use of the TV Everywhere support to access the additional Max exclusive shows and movies, by logging in to the HBO Max app or website using their live TV account credentials.

The problem is, the free preview does not automatically result in YouTube TV subscribers also getting the TV Everywhere support needed for HBO Max exclusive content. Without the ability to sign in to the HBO Max app and website using the account details, and without access to the additional content through the YouTube TV app and website, those taking advantage of the preview will be limited to mainly HBO content. Still, with access to the HBO channel and HBO video on demand content, free is free.

Source: YouTube TV (Twitter)

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