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YouTube TV Subscribers Can Watch HBO Max & Cinemax For Free This Weekend


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YouTube TV is now offering existing subscribers a free preview of HBO Max and Cinemax. Free access to premium streaming services like this can be a good way to test out a service before actually signing up for a subscription and paying the monthly rate. If nothing else, they can be a way to simply catch up on the latest shows and movies available to stream.

HBO Max is proving to be a popular subscription thanks to the access to a wide variety of fan favorites and new movies. The standard subscription costs $14.99 per month and this is only one of the premium subscriptions available through YouTube TV. Cinemax is another premium service that YouTube TV subscribers can sign up for, with a standard subscription costing $9.99 per month.

YouTube TV has confirmed that subscribers can access both HBO Max and Cinema for free for a limited time. The free preview went into effect today (September 23) and remains available through September 27, according to YouTube TV. During this time, existing YouTube TV subscribers can stream as much content from these services as they want and without having to pay anything extra.

As this is a free preview, there is nothing for the existing subscriber to do. The user should simply see that they now have access to HBO Max and Cinemax content directly through the YouTube TV app. However, subscribers may find that some HBO Max content is missing from YouTube TV and this will mostly be in terms of newer movies and HBO Max exclusives that are only available through the HBO Max app. For reference, the free preview does not allow YouTube TV subscribers to log in to the HBO Max app to watch any of the missing content.

Regardless of how much content is available, the free preview is a good way to check both of these services out. Once the HBO Max and Cinemax preview has come to an end, YouTube TV subscribers can opt to add either premium subscription through their account settings if they want to continue to access the content. Alternatively, they can continue to remain unsubscribed to either service without having to make any manual changes to their account.

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