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Subscribe to YouTube TV & Get a Free Chromecast with Google TV


YouTube TV with Google TV

Google is currently offering new YouTube TV subscribers a free Chromecast with Google TV when they sign up. With the new device priced at $49.99 per month, that’s a significant free gift for checking out the company’s live TV streaming service.

Chromecast with Google TV is a brand new device, considering Google only announced it this week, alongside new Pixel phones and a Nest smart speaker. What makes the device so different to previous generations is that it no longer requires connection to a smartphone. Instead, it comes with its own ‘Google TV’ interface and app access, similar to those running on Android TV.

With the device having just launched, Google appears keen to make sure it gets in the hands of more users. As a result, YouTube TV is currently giving away free Chromecast with Google TV devices to those who sign up. In addition, this is not an offer that seems to affect the availability of the free trial with new subscribers able to secure access for fourteen days before having to pay.

How the Chromecast with Google TV deal works

While new subscribers can sign up for two weeks for free, the Chromecast with Google TV deal is only available to those who actually pay for YouTube TV. Due to this, the main caveat is that YouTube TV subscribers will have to wait through the free trial and make their first $64.99 per month payment before they can claim their free streaming player.

Another caveat is that this is a limited-time deal with Google saying it will be available to any new subscribers who make a subscription payment between October 15 and December 31, 2020. While that start date is currently two weeks away, it’s accounting for the free trial.

Essentially, anyone signing up today will make their first payment on October 15, making them instantly eligible for the free Chromecast. Once eligible and a code is received from YouTube TV, subscribers will have up until February 28, 2021 to claim their free Chromecast with Google TV from the Google Store.

Other caveats are pretty standard stuff, such as while stocks last, only for new customers, one per household, and so on. Although, one very specific caveat is that while the Chromecast with Google TV can be purchased in snazzy Sunrise and Sky colors, Google is only giving away the Snow (white) Chromecast with Google TV for free.

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