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YouTube TV Fox Nation & ScreenPix Add-ons Coming Soon


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YouTube TV has confirmed that it will be adding Fox Nation and ScreenPix as additional add-on options in the future. In the meantime, the live TV streaming service has added a bunch of other add-ons for subscribers to choose from, including Comedy Dynamics, Fandor, Pantaya, Screambox and UP Faith & Family.

While a standard YouTube TV subscription costs $64.99 per month, that’s just the base price. For those who want the option to add additional content to their package, there is a selection of add-ons to choose from. Some of these add more than one channel or service at a time, such as the Entertainment or Sports add-ons, while others are generally designed to add one service. For example, Hallmark Movies Now, CuriosityStream, or Shudder.

Adding to the list of available add-ons, subscribers can also now choose from Comedy Dynamics, Fandor, Pantaya, Screambox and UP Faith & Family. Technically, these had already been added as options, but YouTube officially welcomed them in a Tweet confirming their availability. Along with the confirmation of the latest additions, YouTube TV also confirmed that it plans to add Fox Nation and ScreenPix as well. YouTube TV did not specify when these two additional add-ons will become available other than explaining that they are “coming soon.”

As is the case with all add-ons, how much they increase the price by each month depends on the individual add-on. For example, YouTube TV subscribers can add Comedy Dynamics or Screambox for $4.99 per month each, while Fandor costs just $3.99 per month. At an additional $5.99 per month each, Pantaya and UP Faith & Family are the two most expensive of the new add-ons. Irrespective of the differences in price, all of the new add-ons come with a seven-day free trial.

For reference, subscribers can add any (or all) of these additional services to their subscription directly through the YouTube TV account section. This can typically be done through the YouTube TV app or by visiting the YouTube TV website. Regardless of the route, the add-ons can be found under the “Membership” section of the settings menu. For those signing up to YouTube TV for the first time, any or all of the available add-ons can be added during the signing up process.

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