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YouTube TV Now Offering First Month At Just $14.99


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YouTube TV has dropped the price of a subscription to just $14.99 for the first month in what the company says is its ‘biggest discount ever.’ YouTube TV is a popular live TV streaming service and this limited-time price change coincides with the Black Friday sales period. However, it will remain available through Cyber Monday and even into December, making it a good deal to take advantage of over the Holiday season.

While YouTube TV is a popular live TV streaming service, one of the issues is the price. At $64.99 per month, it is an expensive subscription compared to other services. Of course, the price of a service like this is often tied to the channel lineup and this is where YouTube TV is likely to prove more appealing than other cheaper services. Whether it’s specifically worth the cost to an individual will come down to their unique needs.

YouTube TV is now making the service somewhat more accessible to even more consumers through a new seasonal deal. Those considering signing up to YouTube TV will not only benefit from access to a free trial, but they will then only pay $14.99 for the first month of service. Essentially, saving $50 on the monthly cost for one month. The deal is available now through the YouTube TV website, it doesn’t require any special code to activate, and is scheduled to remain available up until 11:59 pm PT on December 6, 2021.

As this deal runs through the first week of December, it is a good opportunity to gain access to live TV channels throughout the holiday season. Taking into consideration the free trial is available alongside the discounted first month, subscribers might only end up paying $14.99 for live TV access well into January 2022, depending on when they sign up. However, the deal is only open to consumers that are not current YouTube TV subscribers, haven’t been in the past, and haven’t taken advantage of a YouTube TV free trial before.

For reference, YouTube is not only offering a deal to new subscribers. Along with the ability to sign up at a heavily discounted rate, there is also the option to choose from a variety of the service’s add-ons and only pay $0.99 per month, per add-on for the first two months. As these add-ons typically vary in price, how much a YouTube TV subscriber saves will depend on the add-on(s) they bundle with their subscription

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