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YouTube TV Deal: 2 Weeks Free & Then $55/mo for 3 Months


YouTube TV discount

YouTube TV is currently running a deal that not only extends the length of the free trial, but also offers the opportunity to save on the cost of a monthly subscription for the first three months. Considering the price of a YouTube TV subscription, this is a good opportunity to not only test the service out, but also to save if it proves to be the right live TV streaming service.

When YouTube TV launched, the price of a subsection was just $35 per month. Over time, the channel selection has expanded and new features added, but the price has also risen and fairly dramatically. The last price increase arrived in 2020 taking the cost of a YouTube TV subscription up to $65 per month.

YouTube TV is currently offering the option to test the service out for free for two weeks. Although the live TV streaming service routinely offers a two-week free trial, the standard length tends to be around seven days. At times, it can be even less than one week, making the two weeks currently on offer worth taking advantage of.

In addition to the free trial, YouTube TV is also offering the option to save $10 each month for three months. For those that find the service is right for them after the free trial has ended, this is a good way to save $30 over the course of the first three months.

Extended free trial and deal caveats

Generally speaking, there are not too many caveats to be aware of with this deal. For those interested in giving YouTube TV a try and continuing with the subscription afterwards, this is a good opportunity to do so while saving in the process.

As to be expected, both of these deals are only available to new subscribers. This exclusion list also extends to those who have been YouTube TV subscribers in the past, as well as anyone who has participated in a YouTube TV before. Although a different Google account will likely bypass the latter if not both of these restrictions.

Another as to be expected caveat is that automatic billing is in effect. In other words, consumers will need to cancel YouTube TV either before the free trial ends or by the end of the third discounted month to avoid the subscription automatically converting to $64.99 per month.

Otherwise, the only other points to be aware of is the extended free trial is available up until March 14 while the $10 discount per month for the first three months is due to come to an end at 11:59 pm PT on March 16, 2021.

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