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Sign up to YouTube TV Now & You’ll Get a Two-Week Free Trial


YouTube TV

YouTube TV is once again offering new subscribers a two-week free trial, making now a good time to check the live TV streaming service out.

Right now, the coronavirus lockdown order has resulted in many having to stay at home. This has also resulted in an uptick in the use of various online services, including streaming services. This also means it has become a good time for these companies to make their service more accessible than usual, which seems to be the case with YouTube’s extended free trial.

The YouTube TV website has now been updated to advise that it is offering access to free TV for longer than it usually does. At fourteen days in total, the current free trial is currently twice the length it usually is, considering YouTube TV typically only offers seven days. However, this is a limited-time deal with the option to take advantage of the extended free trial due to come to an end on April 15.

YouTube TV follows Sling TV

While the Google-owned live TV streaming service routinely offers a two-week free trial, on this occasion, the news of the extended access comes only days after Sling TV also decided to offer a two-week free trial. Although it now looks like Sling TV has already reduced its free trial back down to seven days again.

Of course, YouTube TV and Sling TV are very different services even if their free trials were the same duration. While Sling TV is positioned as an affordable service, YouTube TV is more of a premium solution with a greater channel selection and richer features.

At $49.99 per month, YouTube TV is a good option in spite of costing at least $20 more each month than Sling TV. For example, YouTube TV subscribers will be able to take advantage of one of the best cloud DVR experiences available, and that alone is a hugely beneficial reason to stick with YouTube TV once the free access comes to an end.

Either way, two weeks should be long enough for most consumers to decide on whether YouTube TV is the right service for them, or whether they are best off giving one of the other live TV streaming options a try.

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