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YouTube TV Makes It Easier To Switch Between Profiles On A TV


YouTube TV switch profiles on TV

YouTube TV is making it easier to switch between different profiles when using the live TV service on a TV. YouTube TV already comes with family sharing benefits, but switching between different profiles can be a little tedious on some devices. This is what YouTube TV is now hoping to improve on with the latest change.

Arguably, YouTube TV is one of the better options for any homes where a single subscription is being shared with other people. Not only are there general family sharing benefits on offer, but each sub account also gets access to its own cloud DVR, making it possible to see just the shows and movies that the sub account holder has recorded and not videos recorded by other people.

To help improve the experience in busier households further, YouTube TV is adding an option that makes it easier to switch between different profiles on a smart TV. The change was announced by the YouTube TV Twitter account with the explanation that it is currently in the process of rolling out. As a result, it may take some time for the feature to make its way to all YouTube TV subscribers and devices.

This feature is specifically in relation to the various TV apps as the same problem is not really a problem on other devices, such as mobile devices. For example, if signing in to YouTube TV on a smartphone or tablet, the user can simply select their individual profile and be done. Considering these devices are only likely to be used by one person, the need to switch between different profiles is rarely going to be an issue.

In contrast, YouTube TV on a smart TV is far more likely to be accessed by multiple people in the same household, making the need to switch between profiles all the more common. To be clear, it was possible to switch between profiles before, but the process was far more complicated and involved digging further into the settings. With the latest change, YouTube TV is simply looking to make the process of jumping from one profile to another a little quicker and easier.

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