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YouTube TV Was Down for Some Subscribers on Phone & Roku


How much is YouTube TV

YouTube TV was experiencing some technical difficulties, resulting in some subscribers unable to access the service. At the moment, it is unclear what was causing the issues, although it wasn’t affecting all subscribers. In addition, the YouTube TV outage didn’t seem to be in effect on all platforms and devices either.

YouTube has been a popular live TV streaming service since its launch. However, after the recent price rise, YouTube TV has quickly become one of the more expensive options around. That said, the service has managed to maintain its subscribers in spite of the price increase, through the addition of new channels, and unlimited cloud DVR.

On Thursday evening YouTube TV appeared to be hit with a technical issue that affected a lot of subscribers. Down Detector noted a very quick and sudden spike and some of those reporting the issues suggested it was only affecting some platforms, with Roku seeming like one of the worst. However, there were also inconsistencies on this point with some suggesting YouTube TV was not working on mobile devices, while others suggesting that mobile devices were the only ones working.

What caused the YouTube TV outage?

At the moment it is unclear what caused the YouTube TV outage issue, although it was very likely related to a much wider outage. For example, YouTube in general also appeared to be suffering from similar issues with another spike in complaints taking place around the same time.

YouTube was aware of the issue and sent out a message on social media confirming that some users were experiencing problems. The message also suggested that the issue has since been fixed.

While YouTube says the problem has been fixed, there are still a number of YouTube TV subscribers specifically stating that is not the case. Again, as this appears to be a problem affecting certain users, on certain devices, it may be the case that it takes a little longer for some devices to return to normal.

In the meantime, it may be worth refreshing the browser or app, or restarting the device.

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