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How Many Channels Does YouTube TV Have?


YouTube TV channels list updated Dec 2021

A YouTube TV subscription comes with access to more than 85 channels. However, the exact number a subscriber gets will depend on various factors, including their location and if they decide to bundle any add-ons with their package. In addition, channel lineups do tend to naturally vary over time, so the number of channels can increase or decrease at any time.

YouTube TV is only one of many services that a household can sign up to for access to live TV without a traditional cable or satellite package. However, the different services do vary in multiple ways, with the monthly price and the channel selection both prime examples. Due to this, the selection of channels a subscriber gets is likely to be of far more importance than the actual number.

Officially, YouTube TV subscribers get access to at least 85 channels. YouTube TV does not specifically state exactly how many channels are available, but that’s mainly due to the channel lineup varying by location. YouTube TV does provide access to some local channels and the variety and quantity is determined by the subscriber’s billing location (Home area). By heading over to the YouTube TV website and entering in a ZIP code, an individual can check exactly how many channels they will get, as well as the actual selection available in their individual location.

In addition to the base plan, YouTube TV does also offer a selection of add-ons that can be used to increase the overall available number of channels. The majority of these add-ons are for individual premium networks, but there is also the Sports Plus add-on which roughly adds an additional 20 sports-focused channels to the base package. All of these add-ons do also add to the monthly cost, with the price varying by add-on.

The number of channels can change

While the number of YouTube TV channels stands at more than 85, this can change at any time. In some cases, this is for the benefit of the subscriber through the addition of channels that weren’t previously available. This can be in the form of just one additional channel or, as was the case with a Paramount (previously ViacomCBS) deal, multiple channels added at the same time. However, there can also be times when the exact number of channels actually decreases.

Similar to how YouTube TV might add one or more channels at a moment’s notice, the live TV service can also remove one or more just as quickly. Generally speaking, YouTube TV does tend to provide a warning when channels are being removed, but even these warning may only be days before they are dropped from the lineup. Most of the time, these dropped channels are the result of a carriage dispute, but they can also be removed for other reasons as well. For example, YouTube TV subscribers lost NBCSN at the end of 2021 after NBCUniversal decided to permanently close down the channel.

While a subscriber may sign up to YouTube TV on the basis of having access to specific channels, these lineups are always evolving. It is rare that channels are either added or dropped, but it is still important for consumers to remain aware of the possibility. Of course, as YouTube TV is also a service that doesn’t require a lengthy contract, subscribers are free to cancel their subscription at any time, if they find the selection or overall number of channels no longer meets their household’s needs.

YouTube TV number of channels summary

A YouTube TV subscriber typically gets access to a minimum of 85 channels, resulting in a good variety of news, entertainment, and sports. Depending on location, the subscriber may find that they get more channels than another subscriber, due to local and regional channels differing from place to place. Consumers interested in switching to YouTube TV can verify the exact selection before signing up and paying for the first month.

Channel lineups may change at any time and this can affect the overall number that’s available. In some cases, this may result in the subscriber gaining access to even more channels than before (with or without a price increase), but it can also mean losing access to channels due to various reasons including carriage disputes. Until the next change does take place, 85 channels can be considered the general minimum that a YouTube TV subscriber will get.

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