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How to Cancel a YouTube TV Subscription (Or Pause Membership)


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If it is fairly easy to cancel a YouTube TV subscription either through the mobile app or the website. In fact, YouTube TV not only provides an easy way to cancel, but also the option to temporarily pause a subscription instead. In this paused state, subscribers can keep their settings and preferences intact, but not have to worry about paying the bill each month, which could be a better option for some.

YouTube TV offers plenty of reasons to keep a subscription as it is one of the better live TV streaming services around. One of its main selling points has always been the additional features included with the base package, such as unlimited cloud DVR. However, the service has encountered a number of price rises in recent years, with the most recent one bringing the monthly cost up to $65 per month. At the current price, YouTube TV might no longer be a suitable live TV service for everyone.

YouTube TV has made the cancellation process extremely easy, so subscribers do not have to worry too much about hidden settings or difficultly navigating the sections. Furthermore, a YouTube TV subscription can be cancelled both through the mobile app or through the live TV service’s main website.

How to cancel a YouTube TV subscription

Generally speaking, the navigation instructions for both the mobile app and website are largely the same, making it easy enough to cancel through the mobile app or the website.

Cancel using YouTube TV mobile app:

  1. Open the YouTube TV app
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Select Membership
  4. Select ‘Pause or cancel membership’
  5. Tap Cancel

Cancel using YouTube TV website:

  1. Visit YouTube TV website
  2. Click on Settings in the top-right corner
  3. Select Membership
  4. Click ‘Pause or cancel membership’
  5. Click Cancel

As well as the option to cancel a YouTube TV subscription, there’s also the ability to temporarily pause the membership. Unlike the cancel option, pausing allows users to effectively keep their subscription active, without it actually being active.

Pausing a YouTube TV subscription

A paused YouTube TV subscription does not allow the subscriber to access the service, but they won’t have to worry about having to pay the monthly cost either. One of the main reasons to consider this option over the standard cancellation is that it allows the user to hit the brakes without losing access to any of their individual settings or preferences. Therefore, it is likely to be most suitable to those who need a break from YouTube TV payments, and even if that break is slightly longer than usual.

YouTube TV allows subscribers to pause a subscription for up to six months. In a paused state, the subscriber does not lose access to any of their recordings (unless they become older than nine months during the pause). In contrast, when canceling a YouTube TV subscription, recordings expire 21 days after the subscription has ended.

As a result, pausing a subscription allows subscribers to come back months later and still have all of their settings, preferences, and even eligible recordings available. This could be a much better option for any consumer who thinks they might return to YouTube TV in the future. As there are no costs involved, this can be a great way for existing YouTube TV subscribers to test out an alternate live TV streaming service without worrying that they’ve lost all their recordings and settings if the other services prove to be less suitable.

It is important to understand, however, that pausing a YouTube TV subscription is not a permanent state. For example, subscribers are expected to define in advance how long they want the pause to last for (from four weeks to six months) and once that time has elapsed, the subscription (and billing) will automatically start up again. Due to this, subscribers will need to remain aware of when the pause ends and plan to start paying again, or cancel altogether.

How to pause a YouTube TV subscription

Caveats aside, the actual act of pausing a YouTube TV subscription is not any different to cancelling, with the same general navigation instructions in use. The only major difference is selecting ‘pause’ instead of cancel at the end.

  1. Open the YouTube TV app (or visit the website)
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Select Membership .
  4. Click or tap on ‘Pause or cancel membership’
  5. Select ‘Pause membership’

Regardless of whether outright canceling or just temporarily pausing a YouTube TV subscription, there are some additional points for subscribers to be aware of. The main one is that the subscription does not automatically end the moment the cancel or pause buttons have been hit. As this is a paid in advance service, subscribers will retain access to the selection of live channels, as well as all of their recorded videos, for the remainder of the current billing cycle.

While this will vary depending on the individual’s account, it can mean that the subscription and content remains accessible for up to an entire month after cancelling or pausing.

YouTube TV cancel or pause summary

YouTube TV makes it easy for subscribers to cancel their subscription through the settings menu in the Android app or through the main website. In fact, YouTube TV also offers the option to temporarily pause a subscription for as little as four weeks and as much as six months. In this paused state, the account will be deactivated and the subscriber won’t be required to pay the monthly bill. However, they will still keep their settings, preferences, and even recordings for when they return again at a later date.

Whether cancelling or pausing is the right option will depend on the individual, but with the option to pause for up to six months, pausing could be the right decision to begin with as this will allow the consumer time to decide which service, if any, they plan to replace YouTube TV with. If opting to pause instead of cancel a subscription, it might be worth setting a reminder of the pause end date, as once the pause has ended, the YouTube TV subscription and billing will automatically start up again.

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Last updated July 2021

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12 responses to “How to Cancel a YouTube TV Subscription (Or Pause Membership)”

  1. I dont know how i got on utube tv subscription but i want to cancel. money is coming out of my checking account every month and i want it cancelled.

    1. Hi Deborah. You should be able to follow the instructions in this article to cancel your subscription. If you are still having trouble then you will need to reach out to Google directly.

  2. I dont know how i got on utube tv subscription but i want to cancel. money is coming out of my checking account every month and i want it cancelled.

  3. The directions of cancellation don’t work. YouTubeTV must have change their easy way of cancelling to a much harder one.

  4. I signed up on the 15th of October 2021 and canceled today, the 20th but Google says I have to pay $54.99 for the first month – already charged me!!!

  5. I lost $69.99 while watching msnbc not realizing it is a program of FUBO. I previously cancelled FUBO trial in my effort to try youtube and they reopend me by charging debit card. Nothing I said could get them to refund me even though I do not want FUBO. Tonight I made that same mistake because I want to watch Brian Williams. Now I think it’s time I get out of the streaming business.

    1. We don’t follow why

      1. Cancel Do not need.

  6. I signed up for you tube tv yesterday or the day before, but I want to cancel it and change my subscription to an account using a Roku, but I don’t want two accounts. Can I now try to get my Roku signed in? HELP!!

    1. Hi Henry, you shouldn’t need to cancel your account. Just download the YouTube TV channel on the Roku device and sign in with the existing YouTube TV account username and password.

  7. On January 20th I signed in to Youtube TV for a 30 day trial. The $69.+ dollars has been taken out of my account. We want to stay with Youtube Tv but I’m not able to add other televisions. What do I do?

    1. Hi Karyn, you should be able to add it to additional TVs in the same home. Are they signed in to the right YouTube account?

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