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YouTube TV Randomly Offering $44.99 Deal to New Customers


YouTube TV discount

YouTube TV is randomly offering visitors to the website the option to sign up at a cheaper rate for the first month and, in some cases, for as low as $44.99. The deal represents a saving of up to $20 off the usual cost, making it a good opportunity to test out the service at a cheaper rate than usual, and especially when coupled with the current extended free trial.

YouTube TV continues to be a popular live TV streaming service and is currently understood to be used by more than three million consumers. Besides the channel lineup, YouTube TV comes with a number of premium features, including a personalized and unlimited cloud DVR recording experience. However, after a series of price increases over the last couple of years, YouTube TV can be an expensive service at $64.99 per month.

Right now, YouTube TV is offering new customers the option to sign up to the service and only pay as little as $44.99 for at least the first month. The deal is live on the YouTube TV website, but some consumers might find they are not offered the deal. It currently remains to be seen how widespread the offer is, but it is clear that it won’t always show up for all consumers.

In fact, it is not only different consumers that may find they are unable to access the promotional price, but their device might play a role too. For example, when checking the promotion, it was visible when accessing the YouTube TV website via desktop, but not when the same website was accessed on mobile. For any consumer that is not seeing the deal right now, it might be worth checking through a different browser or device.

A cheaper way to test YouTube TV

With savings of up to $20 on the first month, this is a good opportunity to test out YouTube TV at a cheaper rate than usual. In fact, the deal is also available along with a two-week free trial. Typically, YouTube TV only offers a seven-day free trial, so by being able to secure both the discounted rate and the extended free trial, new customers could be paying as low as $44.99 for up to six weeks.

As this is a deal targeting new users, it is not available to existing subscribers, and even past subscribers may find they are locked out of accessing the discounted rate. In addition, new subscribers should be aware that automatic billing will be in effect. Therefore, they will be charged the full $64.99 per month YouTube TV rate once the discounted period ends, unless they cancel before.

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