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Xfinity Flex Users No Longer Need Other Devices To Watch YouTube TV


YouTube TV Xfinity Flex

YouTube TV is now available on Xfinity Flex devices, providing consumers with an additional way to stream the popular live TV service. Over the years, YouTube TV’s device support has expanded greatly, with the service now available on a variety of different devices and platforms. However, and as today’s announcement further helps to remedy, there are still some hardware gaps in support.

Xfinity Flex is provided by Comcast to internet customers as an alternative to the company’s Xfinity X1 device. One of the benefits of Flex is that users can choose their own apps and services, including which TV service they want to use. While live TV streaming services were previously limited on Xfinity Flex, that has slowly been changing over time. Now, consumers will find they have a choice between some of the most popular live TV streaming services.

Comcast has now confirmed that YouTube TV is available on Xfinity Flex devices. For those now considering signing up to YouTube TV, a standard subscription costs $64.99 per month and provides access to more than 85 channels. That is just the starting price, however, as YouTube TV also offers the option to add premium networks and other add-ons to the base package, increasing the price in the process. According to the announcement, Xfinity Flex users can get started with YouTube TV by simply searching for the app on their device, or by saying “YouTube TV” into the Xfinity Voice Remote.

For those that find YouTube TV is a little too expensive, there is always Sling TV. With plans starting at $35 per month, it is a far more affordable service and Xfinity Flex support was added back in July of 2020. For reference, Hulu Live TV is also available on Xfinity Flex devices and is a good alternative to YouTube TV. However, with Hulu’s live TV plans also starting at $64.99 per month, it isn’t any cheaper than YouTube TV. Not to mention, it will actually become more expensive soon, considering the monthly price of Hulu live TV is increasing to $69.99 later this month.

Regardless of the other options, for those Xfinity Flex device users that have been waiting for YouTube TV support to arrive, the wait is now over.

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