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Watcher Entertainment Makes Changes To Streaming Service Days After Launch


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Mystery Files title page on the new Watcher Streaming Service

Last week Watcher Entertainment announced its new ‘Watcher’ streaming service. At the time, the company confirmed that the subscription service, which costs $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year, would be the exclusive home to all new shows and new full seasons of existing shows.

Considering all Watcher content has always been published to YouTube, this was quite a change, and one which hasn’t been as well received as the company had initially expected. So much so that Watcher has released a new “An Update” video confirming that it is making some changes, including removing the requirement to purchase a subscription to watch new shows and seasons.

According to the update, all future episodes and seasons will now continue to be published to YouTube, offering users a way to continue consuming the content without paying. For those that do choose to subscribe to the Watcher streaming service, they will now get access to new episodes one month before they land on YouTube.

There had also been some confusion over the company’s Patreon, considering Watcher also offers membership options that range in price between $5 and $25 a month. According to the latest update, those Patreon users will now receive a code that allows them to access the Watcher streaming service at no additional cost.

If considering subscribing to the new streaming service for early access to content, or ad-free access in general, Watcher is still offering the option to save 30% on an annual plan when signing up and using the LAUNCH30 promo code at checkout.

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