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Warner Bros. Discovery Ended 2023 With 97.7 Million Subscribers


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Warner Bros. Discovery closed out the fourth quarter, and 2023 in general, with 97.7 million subscribers. This marks an increase of around 500,000 subscribers after excluding the 1.3 million subscribers Warner Bros. Discovery obtained through its December 2023 acquisition of BluTV.

The number of global HBO, Max and Discovery+ subscribers stood at 95.1 million at the end of the third quarter of 2023 and this was down from the 95.8 million reported at the end of the second quarter of the year.

The Q3 numbers listed above are lower than the Q3 2023 numbers Warner Bros. Discovery reported today for comparison purposes. This is due to the company having now updated its direct-to-consumer subscriber definition to include those signed up to a Premium Sports Product. This change resulted in an increase in subscribers compared to the numbers previously provided.

When using the updated subscriber definition and numbers, Warner Bros. Discovery ended the fourth quarter of 2023 with a total of 97.7 million subscribers, up 1.8 million from the 95.9 million for Q3 2023 and up 800,000 from the 96.9 million reported for Q4 2022.

In reality, the company added 500,000 subscribers during the final three months of 2023. With the remaining difference the result of the inclusion of TNT Sports Chile and the acquisition of BluTV.

Breaking the subscribers down further, Warner Bros. Discovery ended 2023 with 52 million domestic subscribers, this is down 600,000 from the 52.6 million reported for Q3 2024, and down around 2.6 million from the 54.6 million reported for Q4 2022.

At the international level, the company ended the year with 45.6 million subscribers, up 2.3 million subscribers from the 43.3 million reported for Q3 2023 and up 3.3 million from the 42.3 million reported for Q4 2022.

As Warner Bros. Discovery doesn’t provide subscriber data for individual services, it remains unclear exactly how many Max or Discovery+ subscribers the company started 2024 with.

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