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Vudu Rebrand: Video Service To Be Renamed ‘Fandango At Home’


Vudu Fandango is becoming Fandango at home

Vudu is in the process of being rebranded as ‘Fandango at Home‘ and the name change is expected to be complete “in a few short weeks.” In the meantime, Vudu has already began updating some of its documentation to reflect the change.

Fandango Media purchased Vudu from Walmart in 2020. Not long after the purchase was complete, Vudu and FandangoNow merged, with the new combined service continuing to operate as Vudu.

Vudu has now started emailing customers to let them know the service is about to be rebranded as Fandango at Home. Based on the email, it looks like the idea here is to make Fandango a single location for everything offered by the company. For example, movie tickets, streaming videos, and so on.

Essentially, the video streaming storefront will become Fandango at Home, and this will be used to differentiate the streaming side of the Fandango experience. It will also now be possible for users to link their Fandango and Fandango at Home logins.

While the change won’t result in the ability to use Fandango gift cards for Fandango at Home purchases, that could also change in the future.

As the company explains, “Although we still haven’t determined whether you eventually will be able to use Fandango gift cards for Fandango at Home purchases, we are nonetheless working on more ways to connect Fandango and Fandango at Home in the future.”

From the user perspective, there’s nothing to currently suggest any major changes are happening. At least, not yet. The company has confirmed that users won’t see any changes to their library, so they will still be able to continue accessing all of their movies and videos in the same way.

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