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Vizio’s WatchFree+ Now Includes On-Demand Movies & Shows


Vizio WatchFree Plus

Vizio has expanded its WatchFree+ service to provide SmartCast TV users with even more content. The company’s streaming service received a major update in August which greatly increased the amount of live TV programming that could be watched without the need for a traditional cable package. With the latest upgrade, the streaming service is now packed full of on-demand content as well.

In recent times, many companies have looked to bolster their hardware with their own streaming service solutions. In Roku’s case, there’s The Roku Channel. In Vizio’s case, there’s WatchFree+. The service is available on SmartCast TVs, doesn’t require an additional app to be downloaded, and is offered without the need for a subscription or any one-off fees that need to be paid. Put simply, it is free streaming service just for owners of a Vizio SmartCast TV.

WatchFree+ already offered users access to 100s of live TV channels and now the service has been expanded to include the ability for users to stream 1,000s of on-demand videos as well. The announcement confirms that consumers will be able to watch a variety of titles from a number of popular studios, including Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, and Samuel Goldwyn, among others.

According to Vizio, the upgrade will result in more than 4,000 free movies, TV shows, and exclusives (totaling more than 5,000 hours) becoming available as on-demand content. In addition, episodes from Season 5 of LOL Networks’ ‘Cold as Balls’ will also be exclusively available via WatchFree+. Just like with the app, SmartCast TV owners should not need to do anything to gain access to the additional content, as the update is automatically being applied by Vizio.

With the addition of on-demand content, WatchFree+ is set to become more of a complete streaming service. Users will continue to be able to tune in and watch whatever is on live, but also choose from hundreds of shows and movies when they are ready to sit down and watch. Of course, as this is a free, AVOD type of service, it is to be expected that ads will be shown during on-demand programming similar to live TV. Also, as WatchFree+ is offered by Vizio as a totally free service, there is no option to upgrade to an ad-free plan.

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