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Vizio’s WatchFree+ Adds Four Free Scripps Networks Channels


Vizio WatchFree+ ION

Vizio’s WatchFree+ service has now added four Scripps Networks channels for TV users to watch for free. Similar to many other free apps and services, WatchFree+ offers consumers a way to watch select shows, movies, and even live TV channels for free. This ‘FAST’ sector has quickly become one of the main areas of growth within the streaming industry, and that’s only likely to continue with the addition of more channels.

Unlike other free streaming services, however, WatchFree+ is specifically designed to offer added-value to Vizio TV owners. The app itself is only available on the company’s line of smart TVs and requires no additional setup or subscriptions to use. All Vizio smart TV users need to do is open up the WatchFree+ app and start watching.

The list of channels included with WatchFree+ has now grown a little more thanks to the addition of ION, ION Mystery, Bounce XL and Grit Xtra. These are all free channels so users of the app won’t have to worry about paying anything to access or watch them. Furthermore, with these four channels catering to different genres and viewers, there’s likely to be something for everyone to watch.

For reference, the new channels mark an expansion of Vizio’s existing agreement with Scripps Networks, considering the WatchFree+ streaming service already provides access to the news-based Newsy and the family-friendly ION Plus channels. With the latest additions, Vizio smart TV owners can expect greater access to drama, mysteries, westerns, and more.

For those that prefer to watch on-demand content, WatchFree Plus also has plenty to offer in this respect as well. In fact, at last count, WatchFree Plus was stocked with no less than 5,000 on-demand videos for users to choose from. All of which makes WatchFree Plus a service that’s worth checking out by any homes that have access to a Vizio smart TV.

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