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Vizio’s WatchFree+ Gains More Channels & Improved Navigation


Vizio WatchFree Plus

Vizio is upgrading its WatchFree+ streaming service by adding more channels and improving navigation. WatchFree+ is a service that’s specifically available to Vizio smart TV owners and provides a way to watch select movies and shows for free. For those already using the service, they can now expect improvements to the selection of channels and ease of content discovery.

Vizio remains one of the more popular TV brands in the US and is a company that has focused on building out its own features and solutions. While this can sometimes result in app compatibility issues, its range of SmartCast TVs are useful for those looking for greater connectivity with other devices. WatchFree+ is another of the company’s own solutions and is a service that looks to take on the increasing number of free services that offer users the option to watch movies and show episodes without having to pay anything.

The company has now confirmed that its WatchFree+ service is in the process of getting an upgrade. For starters, some new curated channels are becoming available, including ‘Fork & Flight’ which provides access to culinary and travel TV content, and ‘Investigation’ which opens up access to more real crime content. Vizio explains these additional custom channels are chosen based on direct first-party user data. In other words, Vizio is leveraging the data it has to provide users with channels and content that they are more likely to be interested in watching.

Besides the additional channels, Vizio is also looking to improve navigation by making it quicker and easier to manually search and find content. This is in addition to the system providing more intelligent results by drawing on the user’s viewing habits and interests. Further adding to the search and discovery improvements, Vizio has also integrated voice support with the program guide. However, accessing this feature will be dependent on the TV being a supported model. Specifically, a TV that’s equipped with a Vizio voice remote.

The way Vizio smart TV updates tend to work, users should not need to do anything to take advantage of the new channels and improvements. The new WatchFree+ upgrades are now in the process of rolling out to compatible models and should be available the next time the Vizio smart TV automatically downloads and installs the latest update.

Source: Vizio

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