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Vizio’s WatchFree+ Service Now Includes More Than 5,000 Titles


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Vizio’s WatchFree+ catalog has expanded once again with the free service now said to be offering more than 5,000 ad-supported titles and access to no less than 240 free streaming channels. All of which does make WatchFree+ a service that’s worth considering. That is providing the home is stocked with at least one Vizio SmartCast TV.

WatchFree+, as the name suggests, is a streaming service that allows owners of a Vizio smart TV to watch content for free. Similar to other free services, WatchFree+ does come with some limitations and consumers should not really expect it to be a replacement for a live TV plan or even for some of the more mainstream streaming services that are available these days. As an additional service, however, it can prove useful.

In a bid to make the service even more useful, Vizio has confirmed an expansion in content. According to the Vizio, the WatchFree+ library has now grown to include more than 5,000 on demand movies, TV shows and exclusives. As part of the expansion, users will be able to watch additional movies and shows from Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros.

It is worth noting that WatchFree+ is an entirely free service. For example, not only is there no need for consumers to pay for a subscription each month, but they don’t even need an account that needs to be logged in to. The only requirement is the use of a Vizio TV, as WatchFree+ is automatically installed on all SmartCast TV models. Owners of one of these TVs can simply open the app and start watching any of the available on demand videos, or tune in to any of the included channels.

While it is a free service, it is also an ad-supported one. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering pretty much every free streaming service utilizes ads as a way to generate revenue instead of a monthly fee. However, this does also mean that there is no option to upgrade to an ad-free experience either. Still, considering the app is already installed on Vizio SmartCast TVs, the service is free to use, and now includes even more content than ever before, WatchFree+ is probably worth checking out.

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