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Vizio Adds A New My Watchlist Feature To SmartCast TVs


Vizio Watchlist

Vizio is now rolling out a new My Watchlist feature that makes it possible for SmartCast TV users to quickly and easily add shows and movies to their very own private watchlist. In spite of the obvious benefits of having a watchlist on the home screen, many platforms have only recently started adding one, with Vizio’s SmartCast the latest.

Previously, TV-optimized operating systems tended to emphasize apps by offering a quick way to launch Netflix or any other preferred app. However, there has been somewhat of a change recently with operating systems now starting to emphasize content more often. These OS-level watchlists are a prime example as they allow users to add shows and movies to the home screen irrespective of which streaming service they are accessible through.

The new My Watchlist feature is already in the process of rolling out to SmartCast TVs. As a result, users should begin to notice a new + Watchlist button displayed next to a show or movie and simply clicking this button will automatically add the title to the private watchlist. Once the first title has been added to the watchlist, the user will then see a new My Watchlist row appear on the SmartCast Home Screen, making it possible to quickly find the show or movie at a later time.

As is the case with other platform-based watchlists, Vizio’s My Watchlist works across different apps and services. Once the show or movie has been added to the watchlist and clicked on, the SmartCast TV will automatically launch the app that the title is available to stream on. According to the announcement, Vizio’s My Watchlist is compatible with a variety of popular streaming services including Apple TV+, Discovery+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount+, Prime Video, Starz, and the company’s own WatchFree+ service.

In addition to the new watchlist, Vizio is also looking to make its smart TVs even smarter through the launch of enhanced SmartCast recommendations. Going forward, SmartCast users are likely to see more content recommendations from the streaming services they access and engage with the most, such as Apple TV+ or Prime Video. These enhanced recommendations not only apply to apps, but specific genres and topics as well. As an example, Vizio explains that if a SmartCast user has a tendency to watch crime-related shows and movies then they may start to see a new True Crime row show up with recommendations for similar shows and movies to watch.

The introduction of My Watchlist and the release of the enhanced recommendations are both designed to make Vizio TVs a lot better at delivering content that a user is interested in watching, which is something that SmartCast TV users should find beneficial.

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