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Vizio Smart TVs Gain Fox Sports App & Fox Weather Channel


Vizio fox sports weather

Vizio smart TV users now have access to the Fox Sports app and the Fox Weather channel. Vizio already provides access to a number of Fox properties including Fox Nation, Fox Now, and Tubi, with the arrival of Fox Sports and Fox Weather marking an expansion of the agreement that was already in place between Vizio and Fox.

Vizio TVs come running on the SmartCast platform. While it is still possible to connect an additional streaming player to these TVs, SmartCast offers users the option to access select apps without an additional device. This was previously the case with Fox Nation, Fox Now, and Tubi, and is now also the case for the Fox Sports app.

Starting today, the Fox Sports app has been added to the SmartCast platform. As part of the launch, users will see the SmartCast home screen has been taken over by Fox Sports during the November 12-13 weekend with a focus on that weekend’s College Football and NFL games. Even though the Fox Sports app is now available, Vizio smart TV users will still need an eligible live TV subscription to log in to the app and watch any of the live sports content.

Unlike Fox Sports, Vizio TV users won’t need to have a paid subscription to access the Fox Weather channel. That’s because Fox Weather has now been added to WatchFree+. This is Vizio’s in-house streaming service that allows TV users to watch any of the videos available in the on-demand library, in addition to the various curated live channels, for free.

The 24/7 free ad-supported Fox Weather channel joins the other Fox-owned (LiveNOW from Fox and Fox Soul) channels available though WatchFree+. SmartCast users can simply open the WatchFree+ app on their TV, head to the Fox Weather channel, and watch live weather and forecasting programming at no additional cost.

The new Fox additions are only the latest in a number of upgrades that Vizio smart TV owners have received this year. Just last month, Vizio added a new My Watchlist feature to SmartCast TVs, and launched a new Fall Fest Collection for WatchFree+ users. This was also after adding new Scripps Networks channels (to WatchFree+), as well as Tubi, Starz, TikTok, Amazon Music, and Sling TV apps, earlier in the year.

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