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Vizio ‘Home Enhancement’ Update Rolling Out With Faster Loading And Better Navigation


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A new Vizio ‘Home Enhancement‘ update is now in the process of rolling out to compatible smart TVs. According to the company, the update looks to provide a better user experience by speeding up loading and improving navigation.

Earlier this year, Vizio began rolling out a major new update to its smart TVs. This update was designed to radically change the look and feel of the operating system with a completely new Home screen experience.

In a bid to further improve on the experience offered with that major update, the company’s latest update leverages the power of Vizio’s cloud-based architecture to speed up everything. According to the details, the new update is now in the process of rolling out to all current smart TV models.

Our commitment to delivering the latest and greatest technology remains unwavering as we introduce the new Vizio Home to users, and we look forward to them experiencing a faster and more responsive platform in the comforts of their homes,” said Steve Yum, VP of Product Management at Vizio.

In terms of the improvements, Vizio says the new update is loaded with “enhancements designed to make navigation, loading and content discovery more seamless.”

Here’s a summary of those enhancements:

  • Instant Loading: Viewers can expect to jump straight into their favorite content without interruption or prolonged loading of applications. Even powering on your Vizio TV has gotten faster – up to 2X faster .
  • Seamless Navigation: With new left-side navigation and hierarchy sorting, browsing for content is quicker, with more responsive controls offering an effortless navigation experience.
  • Rapid Content Discovery: Spend less time searching and more time binging content, with faster recommendations and search results in both voice and text formats.
  • Effortless Multitasking: Moving between apps no longer has to slow down your viewing experience – with improved speeds and performance, switching from one app to another is now faster with Vizio Home.

All in all, Vizio is attempting to make clear that this update will speed up most of the points along the user experience chain, from switching on the TV to switching between apps, and just about everything else in between.

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