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Vizio TV Owners Can Now Watch Apple TV+ For Free For 3 Months


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Vizio smart TV owners can now take advantage of a free 3-month subscription to Apple TV+. Three months is a significant amount of time to see if this is the right streaming service for a household, and certainly long enough just to catch up on some of the original Apple shows and movies that are now available to watch.

Apple TV+ is not the same as Apple TV as it does require an actual subscription to be set up and a monthly amount to be paid. The standard cost of Apple TV+ is $4.99 per month, although there is also an annual plan available that can help to reduce the cost. Another way to lower the cost, potentially as low as free, is by taking advantage of an Apple TV+ promotion.

Vizio is now offering one such promotion by providing TV owners with the ability to sign up to Apple TV+ and watch for free for the first three months. This promotion is available to both new and existing Vizio TV owners but only to new Apple TV+ subscribers. If previously having tested out Apple TV+, the promotion won’t be available to redeem. Eligible TV owners can start their three-month free trial by simply clicking on the promotional banner on the TV’s home screen. The promotion officially started on April 25 and will remain available up until May 30, 2022.

Like many other streaming services, Apple TV+ does automatically charge the subscriber once the free trial ends. The only way to avoid this automatic billing is to manually cancel the Apple TV+ subscription before the free trial expires. Considering this promotional free trial is fairly long, subscribers will need to make a note of the date and remember to cancel three months later. Of course, if happy with the service and willing to pay for it, no additional action is required as the promotional Apple TV+ subscription will simply change to a paid subscription once the three-month trial comes to an end.

In other Vizio news, the company recently increased the number of shows and movies available through its WatchFree+ streaming service to more than 5,000. Vizio also recently starting offering an extended Discovery+ free trial as well. However, the longer Discovery+ free trial is only for 30 days, and only available to new Vizio smart TV owners, unlike the current Apple TV+ promotion.

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