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Vidgo’s Website Appears To Be Completely Offline Now


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The Vidgo website now appears to be completely offline. It still remains unclear what is happening with Vidgo, and whether it will ever resume operations again. In the meantime, the website has become even less accessible than it was before.

Subscribers remained without access to the live TV service after Vidgo suffered a major outage last year. In the months that followed, things slowly worsened, with Vidgo removing the option for new subscribers to sign up and redirecting visitors away from the home page.

As we noted at the time, the use of a temporary redirection raised the possibility that the website could be going through an overhaul ahead of a potential relaunch. However, that was March, and there has been no further updates on the live TV streaming service since then.

While the website continued redirecting visitors throughout April and May, that appears to have changed today. Anyone now attempting to visit the Vidgo website will find they are presented with a “this site can’t be reached” or a “took too long to respond” warning message, depending on the browser. Streaming Better can confirm the website was still working up until yesterday, and it’s not just the main website that’s affected. Vidgo’s support website also appears to be suffering from the same issue as well.

Once again, it remains unclear what any of this means in terms of Vidgo’s future, if anything, but unless some major change is about to happen, it is hard to see the latest development as a positive one.

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