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Vidgo Subscribers Made To Wait Until Outage Ends To Get Refund Credit


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Vidgo subscribers are now being made to wait until the current outage ends before getting a refund (in the form of an account credit) for the lack of service. On a positive, it now looks like subscribers are going to get more back than was originally promised.

In what now seems like an unprecedented outage in the age of streaming, Vidgo subscribers have largely been without access to the live TV service throughout the month of October. Quite early into the outage, Vidgo confirmed that it would provide subscribers with a two-week credit.

However, with the outage having entered week four, and no sign of when service will be restored, it no longer seems like two weeks of free service is sufficient. At the same time, we have noticed a number of subscribers reporting that they have yet to receive their credit, with their monthly bill for October having renewed at full price.

According to a new email sent to subscribers yesterday, and seen by Streaming Better, it looks like Vidgo has opted to wait until the outage ends before providing subscribers with the promised credit. While far from ideal, the email explains that Vidgo now intends to reimburse subscribers for the entire length of the outage instead of the two weeks.

We apologize for the prolonged nature of this outage. Once service is fully restored, in addition to the $10 monthly credit for the next 6 months, we will credit your account for the total number of days the service has been impacted.”

As the email explains, subscribers are still expected to get the previously promised $10 a month for 6 months discount, in addition to the credit for the lack of service.

Even though a refund credit for the full length of the outage is better than the previously promised two weeks, what is a little concerning is how subscribers are being made to pay the full price of a subscription in the meantime. Not to mention, the email seems to clearly imply that subscribers need to remain subscribed to get anything back.

Instead of a refund to the payment method for the time spent without access to their live TV plan, subscribers will simply receive a credit to their account. Presumably, this means that anyone canceling and switching services are unlikely to get anything back unless they resubscribe to Vidgo again. Even then, it remains to be seen if any credits will carry over after leaving and resubscribing.

For those less interested in refunds and more interested in regaining access to the live TV service they are paying for, the email did not provide any further update on when full service is expected to be restored.

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