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Vidgo Local Channels: What You Get And Don’t Get


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The Vidgo channel lineup does include access to local channels, but not all locals. As a result, some homes may find a subscription unlocks the right local channels for their individual needs while others may need to consider one of the other live TV streaming services. Alternatively, consider additional subscriptions and services to help fill in the missing local channel gaps. Here’s what you need to know.

Vidgo is only one of many live TV streaming services now operating in the United States, but it is a little different to the rest. For one thing, Vidgo places some additional value on the social element of watching live events, making it a good option for those particularly interested in live sports. For some homes, however, live sports can be reliant on having access to local channels and regional sports networks.

Vidgo offers two main plans to choose from with the channel lineup dependent on the plan chosen. Subscribers get access to around 110 channels when signing up to the Plus plan, while the Premium plan boosts that number to roughly 150. Irrespective of whether signing up to Plus or Premium, subscribers get access to the same local channels.

The problem is, the list of supported local channels is a little limited. Vidgo currently only provides access to ABC and Fox local channels, which means subscribers don’t get access to their local CBS or NBC. In addition, there’s no local access to PBS, Telemundo, The CW, or any regional sports networks either. In its FAQ section, Vidgo does explain that it continues “to add local programming all the time” so it is possible that other local channels are added in the future.


Local options for Vidgo subscribers

With only access to ABC and Fox locals, Vidgo subscribers may need to consider additional solutions to help bridge the local channel support gap. Obviously, one of the easiest ways is to use an over-the-air antenna to get access to local channels that are being broadcast in the area. This method won’t suit everyone as it does require the one-off purchase of an antenna, and the actual channels a home gets access to can be affected by the range and other factors.

For those that would prefer to go the digital route, it may be possible to bridge some of the local channel gaps with supplementary subscriptions. For example, Paramount Plus provides subscribers with access to their local CBS station, potentially fixing Vidgo’s missing CBS local support. While Paramount Plus offers two main plansEssential and Premium – only Premium includes access to local CBS stations. As a result, consumers will need to opt for the $9.99 per month (or $99.99 per year) plan.

Paramount Plus won’t also fix the issue of missing NBC, The CW, PBS, and Telemundo. Although these are going to be slightly harder hurdles to overcome, there are some additional subscriptions and options that might be able to help. For example, Peacock can help to get access to recently aired NBC shows, while PBS offers access to a local livestream and a PBS Passport subscription for those that want to unlock its on-demand streaming library of shows and content.

Of course, continually adding more apps and subscriptions is going to increase the monthly cost which may make a different live TV streaming service (with the right local channels) a better option to begin with.

Vidgo local channels summary

Both the Vidgo Plus and Premium live TV plans provide access to ABC and Fox locals but not CBS, NBC, PBS, Telemundo, or The CW local channels and affiliates. If ABC and Fox locals are all a home really needs access to, then signing up to Vidgo is a solution. While there are some additional subscriptions that can be used to help add missing channels and content, this can greatly affect the overall total that a home ends up paying out each month.

For those that really want access to CBS and, in particular, NBC, then it may just be better to consider a different service for live TV. Of course, Vidgo is not the only live TV service that’s missing local channels, so it is worth checking the channel lineups of competing services to ensure that they do provide access to the right locals before signing up.

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